Bush speech: Can you find the pea?


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Let's dig another memorial in Washington DC

I don't think anyone is really listening to his message any more. It's same-old-same-old.

The really profound question will be the long term impact be on relations with the Middle East.

And by the way, are we going to put another memorial into the ground on the Washington Mall?

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Posted by Matsu on 18 December 2005 - 10:15pm
Media girl rant

Hey Media girl, why don't you tell use when will you grow up, oh you can't just like Bush can't tell the enemy when we will leave. Your cry how we are suffering under Bush, you don't seem to be doing to bad protesting about your freedom. Its to bad that 70% of three religious group went out and voted. Lets jump with your ranting and yelling about Japan and Germany being free. We shouldn't of done it.

If you hate Bush just say so, don't compile your complaints about your world as fact. I don't like some things hes has done, but during a war I'll keep quite and vote for someone else in a different party.

I have talked to Muslisms, and let me tell you, they will kill you first. They will either do it by overpopulation or bombing. And you will still have the freedome to complain about leaders and America. Enjoy it for now.

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Posted by HD Bru (not verified) on 19 December 2005 - 10:18am
My my, what low standards you have

So you think everything is great because America isn't Nazi Germany? How ironic, considering the racist, bigoted tripe coming from your keyboard.

So all Muslims just want to kill us? That's very perceptive of you. Care to offer up any evidence?

But if that's what you really believe, then why would you back something like a war in Iraq? News flash, Bru: Iraq is full of Muslims! Oh dear!

Now, there are some other pretty awful dictators in the world. Maybe we should go around knocking them off, too. After all, if we're going to ignore al-Qaeda, we might as well take the bullshit of "spreading freedom around the world" to heart and actually do it.

Meanwhile, Bru, I'll assume that we still live in a free country here and say what I want.

Now run along and cower under your bed.

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Posted by media girl on 19 December 2005 - 10:51am

Is that you? Taking time off from fighting the "War on Xmas" to spew out some tired religiously bigoted brownshirt crap to defend your hero, the President Who Couldn't Peddle Straight?

It's plain that what you'll do "during a war" is to continue to be QUITE stupid.

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Posted by Madman in the M... on 19 December 2005 - 2:35pm