The abortion debate: when men battle over their property


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Condoms are a great idea

Condoms are a great idea anyways - std's and such. That aside I am firmly in favor of those men who claim they don't want kids - put up or shut up. Having a vasectomy doesn't emasculate anybody - forcing the onus of prevention on your girlfriend does. It would be great if men could take a birth control pill but no such beast exists - yet. Short of that a vasectomy is a great place to go - if you have it done by a competent doctor they are nearly always reversable and it ensures you won't reproduce until your financialy viable - at least to the extent you can fork over a few grand for the procedure. More men should consider this alternative. . .

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Posted by DuWayne on 6 December 2005 - 6:25pm
For decades, whenever

For decades, whenever someone has raised this issue that a husband, boyfriend, father should have a right to tell a wife, girlfriend, daughter that she can't get an abortion, I've said this means he would also have the right to tell her she must get an abortion.

Usually, that shuts them up.

(Proud owner of a vasectomy since 1991.)

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Posted by Meteor Blades (not verified) on 7 December 2005 - 3:02am
Making "reproductive rights" gender-neutral

Limiting reproductive rights to women is gender-specific and is therefore unacceptable. We believe in equal rights, and thus we need to recognize men’s equal reproductive rights and equal right to privacy.

We need to change our vocabulary to eliminate prejudices and negative connotations, and to put a positive slant on these neglected rights of men. Therefore, “rape� and “child molestation� will become the more positive “drive fulfillment�; “domestic violence� and “child abuse� will be appropriately called “anger redirection�; and “victim� becomes the non-prejudicial “facilitator�.

I personally am against drive fulfillment and anger redirection, but every man has the right to choose.

The laws that currently repress these freedoms must fall in landmark Supreme Court cases. Men should educate themselves, recognize their empowerment, and become activists. Society should shrug off the negative connotations of “rape�, “molestation�, “domestic violence�, etc., and these rights must no longer be exercised furtively in back alleys but allowed to be enjoyed in the full light of day, free from disapproval and intolerance. Politicians at all levels should be supported or not based on their support of gender-neutral reproductive rights. After all, it’s my body -- government, keep your laws off it!

We should be prepared to counter the attacks of narrow-minded special interests, who may make claims such as “rape is wrong�, “child abuse is violence�, etc. We can easily poke holes in their arguments, for example by simply countering that if they don’t like “rape�, then they don’t have to have one. In the case of drive redirection via minor (formerly called “child molestation�), it’s obvious that a minor is a post-natal fetus, and a fetus has no rights. The issue of pre-term vs. post-term falls before the more fundamental right to privacy.

Please join with me in embracing this progressive cause.

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Posted by Mike T. (not verified) on 8 December 2005 - 1:09am
Sounds like a good idea

We'll call it the Lorena Bobbit law. Women are free to snip off the penises of their husbands. After all, he married her, right? She should have a say in what his penis can and cannot do.

And I'm all for egality when it comes to aborting a pregnancy. Men should be able to abort pregnancies they're carrying, too. Absolutely.

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Posted by media girl on 8 December 2005 - 7:42am

I just joined this site this morning and I'm so glad to see something posted on this. This issue makes me more furious than you can imagine. I recently posted a diary on this very subject, including some talking points to use when arguing with the "Men's Reproductive Rights" set. Here's and excerpt:

1. Child support laws do not favor women. They favor children. Their purpose is not to punish men for their mistakes or reward women for theirs, but to protect children from the mistakes of both.

2. Feminist aspirations aside, women do not have the earning power of men, and mothers have the least earning power of all. This is what the Chicago Times recently called the "Mommy Wage Gap." I wrote a whole diary on this.

3. Both pregnancy and abortion exposes women to physical pain, damage, and risks for which there is no male equivalent. While legal, clinical abortion procedures minimize those risks, they still exist. Complications can result in infertility and even death.

4. A woman can have a maximum of 2 surgical abortions before seriously risking her ability to carry a pregnancy to term in the future. Men can have an infinite number of their "products of conception" aborted with absolutely no risk to their health or virility.

5. There is no legal barrier, nor should there be, to a man reappearing after years of physical and financial absence. He can simply change his mind and step into his child's life. Many men actually come and go throughout their children's lives, on their own terms. Is that fair?

6. Abortion can absolve irresponsible men of the consequences of their indiscretions. For women, from the moment of conception, it's ALL consequences. Going through abortion is a consequence. It ain't like gettin' a manicure!

7. There is nothing fair or equitable in a man saying, "Hey, I want no part of this, so abort or you're on your own." It's coercion. It's a man using financial and emotional blackmail to control a woman's reproductive choice, at a time when she is most vulnerable.

The whole diary can be found here.

"I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or prostitute."

~ Rebecca West

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Posted by Recordkeeper on 9 December 2005 - 10:23am

Great points here, too.

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Posted by media girl on 9 December 2005 - 1:27pm