Why is Japan's abortion rate going down?


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While researching my book I

While researching my book I remember reading (sorry, don't have the source handy) that 1) abortion is used as a form of birth control in Japan, 2) MDs have a financial interest in performing abxs, and 3) Japan only recently approved the Pill. Since we're guessing about possible reasons for the decrease in the abx rate*, I'd venture that the main one is the introduction, and increased use, of the Pill. Changing economic patterns of MDs incomes might be a minor contributing factor (wild guess).

*Note that I don't recall coming across any age group breakdowns in my sources, and Dr. Kitamura is discussing the 20 or under age group. It's quite possible the reasons for the decline vary based on population age.

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Posted by ema (not verified) on 7 November 2005 - 7:57am