What's in a name, anyway?


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but which clark?

Ah.. well its sad to see Clark, Texas go. i did look up its history on the library wall and it has none whatsoever, which is more or less typical for anything north of Dallas, Ft. Worth. So, i suppose we'll not fuss too much about the name change.

CLARK, TEXAS (Denton County). Clark is located just west of Farm Road 156 about twelve miles southwest of Denton in southwestern Denton County. It was shown on highway maps by the late 1970s as the location of a private airport owned by the Clark family. By 2000 area residents had voted to incorporate a community named Clark. The area includes the airport and a town hall. The population was 345 in 2000.

I hope this isn't a wave of the future or a sign of progress.

The good news, for Texas that is, is we still have two Clark Texases left in reeeeserve. They're both much more interesting than Dish, Texas. ::::lying::::

There's one out in Van Zant county. Think we should rename that one Free Bird? That Clark Texas was going south as far back as 1904 when it had a local school enrollment of 53. The last news I have of it is in 1987 only a grain elevator remained. No people, just corn kernels or winter wheat. I suppose that's why they haven't sold their naming rights to a corp because they don't even have a two member town council to cut the deal.

The other Clark Texas is 60 miles northwest of Beaumont in Liberty County. It used to be known as Grand Cane after Sam Houston's plantation of the same name. In 1869 it became Ironwood. In 1900 Ironwood was renamed Clark. This area of Texas was then famous for its Cummings logging camp and the Milvid logging road and absolutely nothing else. In 1990 a few scattered buildings and a gravel pit were all that remained.

asleep yet? ::::snore::::

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Posted by bayprairie on 18 November 2005 - 3:38am
Maybe that other Clark

...could be renamed Blue Velvet.

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Posted by media girl on 18 November 2005 - 10:05am
Texan Klansmen

Where is that tar?


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Posted by yogakorunta on 18 November 2005 - 3:01pm