FDA fudging on Plan B, the drug that prevents conception [updated]


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Plan B

You nailed it: It's about sexuality. This administration is defined by its need to pander to a minority segment of society that just can't get comfortable with any form of sexuality. It's why a majority of House members signed onto Articles of Impeachment for Bill Clinton, but impeachment of George W. Bush for starting a war on fraudulant pretenses is a non-starter.

I'm convinced that whole anti-abortion worldview has only incidentally to do with the definition of life and the rights of the unborn. What motivates religious rightists is that abortion is the outcome of sexual relations for pleasure -- the whole proccupation stems from this.

Don't you wonder why, say, Indians don't share this fixation?


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Posted by Stupid Country (not verified) on 15 November 2005 - 9:12pm