What happened to my days?


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I know whatcha mean....

It doesn't take long to get frustrated and discouraged with the whole "fighting the machine" thing, and the pressure of daily blogging just emphasizes it. Every day you're forced to confront the stuff that goes on and deal with it somehow. But, on the bright side, you are self-censored instead of censored by an outside source; you can say what you want. Most journalists have to do what ten thousand people are telling them to do and still manage to deal with it all somehow. (The birth of cynicism.)

I really believe that no matter how many people do or don't read all these political blogs (including my own) all of our voices are becoming one big, huge, voice.

Take a day off whenever you need it; we'll come back! :)



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Posted by JoAnna (not verified) on 6 October 2005 - 8:19am
Do Go On!

You're one of my favorite "non-bigtime" bloggers. In fact, I like you better than many of the "bigtimers". Your stuff on feminism and the kos community was stellar. So I hope you don't decide to pack it in at any time soon. And I'll second JoAnna: I'm subscribed to your feed, so whenever it gets updated, I'll be reading, doesn't matter when.

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Posted by jayinbmore (not verified) on 6 October 2005 - 9:28am
How many hours in a daze

True true, blogging can eat up time. Instead of just stopping, one might plan to post on a workable schedule for your broader scope of needs, i.e. not necessarily putting timeliness over all other considerations. Contrast the demands of a reporter for a daily newspaper with those of a reporter for a weekly magazine. Timeliness has its place, but its disadvantages too. In addition to having more time to breathe, the weekers have time to polish a piece. At one point I blogged twice a week so I wouldn't feel so pressured. Or one could take "vacations". Anyway, it's a personal decision of course, but I do like the site and the concept.

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Posted by Devon (not verified) on 7 October 2005 - 9:44am
All your comments are appreciated

It's nice to know people are actually reading, and not just stumbling here by mistake. Thanks!

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Posted by media girl on 7 October 2005 - 9:51am
I agree

Why allow yourself to feel pressure to blog everyday? Do it as you feel. And hey, you could always say: "Topic-John Roberts. discuss." and leave us to our own devices while you keep a watchful eye for trolls.

It's personal and it's political, but even the best activists take out the motorcycle or go to the beach for the day. ;-)



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Posted by gballsout on 8 October 2005 - 2:22pm