Wal-Mart plan: Hire 'em young, don't keep 'em very long


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I try to buy as locally as I possibly can

To a place that returns money to the community. Having said that, it is increasingly hard to do as all the mom and pops get priced out. OY

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Posted by The Heretik on 26 October 2005 - 8:39pm
As a member of a union, I

As a member of a union, I have a moral obligation to my organized brothers and sisters to not only avoid Wal-Mart, but to hassle them as much as possible..

On that note, I'd like to recommend - if you have one near you - Costco. They have good prices, and yet many of the stores are unionized. The Costco stores that are not union pay a decent wage and offer affordable healthcare plans.


I also try to shop locally whenever and wherever I can.. I've never liked Target, just because 99% of their merch. seems to be from China.

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Posted by PeggyArcher (not verified) on 26 October 2005 - 10:29pm
I thought Costco was Target

Am I wrong? They always seem to be in the same shopping centers. I suppose I could look it up.

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Posted by media girl on 26 October 2005 - 11:21pm
No, they are seperate enitites.

And costco is a very good company to work for. Treats it's employees well, pays well and it gives to the Democrates. Costco has been held up as the anti-walmart.

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Posted by hoopla (not verified) on 27 October 2005 - 12:46pm
That's good to know

Also, I recall Target also was getting high marks for challenging Wal-Mart while paying their employees much more. But now with their "pharmacists can play doctor" policy, Target lost its glow.

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Posted by media girl on 27 October 2005 - 1:17pm
what am i asking?

and what i think im really asking is at what point does economic self interest outweigh social economic good. and i think the reason im asking this is i know women who arent in CA who aren't in washington state who live in BFE (bum fuck egypt) and are disabled and on fixed incomes that approximate 1200 bucks a month and who cant AFFORD to shop at whole foods.

so, i guilt myself out. how the hell do i guilt them?

short answer is, i don't. shopping at wal-mart might not be the crime, depending on circumstance.

being wal-mart is!

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Posted by bayprairie on 27 October 2005 - 3:48am