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This guy is right that

This guy is right that traditional society has changed and that "this change in traditional society has grown out of women’s desire to achieve success in the workplace and at home". However he seems to miss the point entirely. It's not because women play the mans game on a sexual level, infact thats another side effect of the same problem that he seems to have overlooked. The real problem is the abandonment of the feminine mindset in exchange for the tools required to make it in a world created by men and for men, and conversely the slip away from masculinity aswell, but this article isn't about that. :p

For decades in America the line has been blurred between masculine and feminine, it was more plain to see 20 years ago than now, but it's still here. Men and Women think about things differently, and it just so happens that in many ways these opposites do indeed attract, and form an amazing harmony. When the very order through which a society is built begins to be twisted and deformed there will no doubt be a drastic change in "traditional society", for better or for worse. Women becoming more sexually liberated is an effect, not a cause. When women abandon their post as the guardians of the feminine mind they will naturally become more like men, and vice versa. I just hope we don't drift too far towards the middle.

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Posted by D. Mason (not verified) on 19 October 2005 - 8:07pm
People think differently

D. Mason writes: "Men and Women think about things differently, and it just so happens that in many ways these opposites do indeed attract, and form an amazing harmony."

No. People think differently, and unless society erects extreme barriers between the experiences of men and women (e.g. by educating, employing, and enfranchising the sexes differently) the variation within the sexes will likely be greater than between the sexes. Good thing too, because it would be a shame to split people down the middle and tell them they can't express a side of their personality because its masculine/feminine.

This amazing harmony you mention certainly wasn't common in earlier times with stricter gender roles (what with the scolding from wives and the beating from husbands), and the modern belief that spouses were entitled to amazing harmony unsurprisingly helped fuel rising divorce rates throughout the nineteenth century and beyond (see Glenda Riley , Divorce: An American Tradition (1999) ).

Finally, the assumption that women will lose if they "play the man's game" rather depends on what their objectives are and how society makes up the rules. In many South American societies, children are seen as having multiple biological fathers. Children with secondary fathers do better, as their secondary fathers bring them food (apparently the best work on this is Stephen Beckerman et al., Cultures of Fathers (1999) ). Arguably, modern Western sexual availability is only problematic if society renders mothers dependent on the father of their child for support — but then this was also a problem in the age of modesty.

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Posted by Contradictory Ben (not verified) on 24 October 2005 - 1:26am