Bill O'Reilly appears on Jon Stewart, and makes an ass of himself [updated][updated again]


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I disagree with you here

I disagree with you here Media Girl, I thought he was doing a little bit of joking, and he rolled with the punches far better than I have seen him do so in the past. sure he was a little stiff but he is Bill O'Reily for Christ's sake. At one point he jokes with Stewart saying "You add insult to injury..." and Stewart replies "I will say this, We do add insult to injury. But, but...You add injury." to which O'reily replies , nodding "ah yeah.... it's true, on top of that", clearly not the remarks of someone who can't share some comical banter. There were other moments but I'm not interested in writing a transcript and I doubt youre interested in reading one. You don't like O'Reily and I don't like O'Reily, but he is not a complete brick wall, your assesment was a little unfair.

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Posted by D. Mason (not verified) on 19 October 2005 - 8:26pm
I stick with my interpretation

You can look at the video again. I don't need a transcript. The guy is so angry with the world he's ready to quit.

I loved the line tonight from former-FBI director Freeh: "I do want to be on your show." That got a laugh. Everybody noticed it.

And I think everybody in the studio noticed it during the taping of O'Reilly, to the point where the show's director would not cut to a close-up of O'Reilly's book. And from the way he behaved, he had that coming.

What I did not see is Stewart's appearance on O'Reilly, where I hear things did not go all that well for Bill, either.

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Posted by media girl on 19 October 2005 - 10:45pm
I saw it and I saw Bill

I saw it and I saw Bill trying to unlimber the humor at a few points but overall, I would have to say that even John Kerry was trying to be funnier than Falafel boy. Even Bernard Goldberg who Stewart rightly savaged was still trying to crack jokes. what really got Bill's goat was to be confronted with the hostile audaiance. When former NY mayor turned idiot Ed Koch came on the daily show to endorse Bush, he took his booing in stride and turned it around to a freedom of speech issue. Bill doesn't handle hostile crowds well, because they shout louder than him and he has a tough time undercutting that shouting with actual substance.

I honestlty saw Stewart pulling his punches on this one. He could have played a few choice clips and asked for a response. A clip from the Phil Donahue interview. He just let bill off the hook about his comment that France was our enemy. I can only imagine what Bill Maher would have done with that one. He never held Bills feet to the fire asking him about his war support and then demanding a 10 step plan to win the war. This interview felt as softballed as Stewart's interview of Rick Santorum. So this is just is another entery into the massive Pile of Evidence that Bill O'Reilly is a jerk. Nothing new.

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Posted by hoopla (not verified) on 20 October 2005 - 7:59am