Refugees? Evacuees? Or Detainees?


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Consp. Theories

Generally, I discount conspiracy theories, but I understand their place as a daemon in the American imagination - they help explain the inexplicable.

There was so much odd about this Bush performance, that you can understand why people will get conspiratorial.

It's now being reported many of the nightmarish rumors about the convention center and the superdome were inaccurate, but were spread by media outlets protective of the Bush apparat.

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Posted by Gotham Image (not verified) on 9 September 2005 - 5:50am
I don't see conspiracies

I see a hammer trying to do a wrench's job. Trouble? Send in the machine guns! Never mind that we don't need machine guns, that's what we do. (On Jon Stewart last night, NBC anchor Brian Williams described how the press had automatic weapons pointed at them when they tried to cover the securing of a department store with broken windows.

"We're obviously the press, with cameras and notepads and passes around our necks. We're not al Qaeda, we're just doing our jobs...."

It's not conspiracy, it's being wholly unprepared even now to take on the real challenge here. They want to treat it as a civil disobedience problem.

Conspiracies? It doesn't take conspiracies for this kind of crap to happen.

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Posted by media girl on 9 September 2005 - 8:51am
Open conspiracy

The stated purpose of the Reaganites and their successors has been down-size the government. The views is the that government that helps best, helps least. Even after the horror we see in news footage, some members of Congress have voted "no" on disaster relief.

A conspiracy is secretive. This one is wide open - glorified, if you will. America's ills are caused by those who live below the poverty line or whose religious views do not mesh with those espoused by the Administration in power.

Angry rhetoric at minorities is openly heard without the slightest sign of any shame. As frivolous amendments are proposed for the Constitution - such as banning same-sex marriage or prevent flag desecration, the ERA is no longer a priority, nor is reproductive rights, nor is there any serious work at helping the underclass.

This is not some cabal that has brought this out. They are marching down Main Street and carrying the stars and stripes and saying this is their plan for America - and they ran on that platform and have been elected - sweeping their way into the Presidency and now controlling both House of Congress and dropping taproots into the Supreme Court.

Starting with Reagan, we have been offered a program of non-response and rhetoric about personal responsibility - sort of, "God helps those who help themselves."

And with these characters in office, I say, "God help us."

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Posted by Matsu on 9 September 2005 - 10:31am