Bush: The primary crisis is distribution of refined gas product


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Oily Politician

You are so right, media girl. I was also aghast at the focus of the Bush press conference. Oil, oil, oil. Oil Vey, already!

It is hard to tell with the early photographs of a city leveled. I have an older friend who was in Texas City when a ship load of chemical fertilizer blow up. Miles away in her high school, the next thing she wondered was how a moment earlier she had been in class on the second floor. Now she was on the lawn, her leg broken. The blast threw her there.

This was a small town and as the History Channel recounts it, a disaster of enormous proportions because the infra structure was destroyed.

Katrina took longer - not a single blast - but the devastation looks like the photographs of Texas City.

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities, anywhere. To think it has been heavily damaged is bad enough, but the toll on its people has to be incredible. Where will they go? What will they do? How will they live? Who will feed them?

A dear friend reminded me that the new bankruptcy bill is slated to go into effect about now. Will these people be covered now that they've been wiped out?

Is this nation morally and emotionally equipped any longer to help its citizens, or are we going to treat them like "welfare shirkers" after a few weeks of C-rations. Are we ready to spend money on public works, or is it as media girl fears, it will be left to the Red Cross.

One thing IS sure, the big energy companies will get some corporate welfare - you bet your ten gallon hat, they will.

A people are measured in times of trouble, not times of plenty. Hardships test us, not the easy days.

I wonder how we will fair as a people in the test we have just been given.

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Posted by Matsu on 1 September 2005 - 1:48pm