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Holes in an umbrella

There are holes in the umbrella and holes in the argument. The umbrella gives "people" issues, but the holes are issues around reproductive rights and women.

Some people who advocate the umbrella approach are tepid at best about women's rights and reproductive rights. "It's a women's issue." Was 9/11 a "man's issue" because the planes were flown by men?

The human genome project, advances cellular biology, and stem cell research suggests that if the planet survives the "neo Dark Ages" being cooked up for us, that in three generations time, human reproduction will be far different than it is today and it will no longer be something that happens inside women's bodies.

These concepts frighten the neo Dark Ages people.

It is not an argument to say human reproduction is a women's issue because given the state of the art and where this is going suggests that entire arena will be redefined.

When eggs can be fertilized outside of a female, we have to the religious arguments about "souls" and look more soberly about what right we have to our own genetic material and information and how it is used.

Only a "women's issue?" Hardly.

Let's hope we stop running away from a conversation about reproduction because it makes some people uncomfortable.

British Customs agents seized and destroyed Marconi's radio because it broadcast messages through the air and hence had something to do with demons. That was hardly a hundred years ago. Yet, today, virtually everyone uses wireless without thinking that it is a demonic power they are utilizing.

Nor was radio an "Italian issue."

We we don't get into the real issues, I am afraid this country will be left in the backwaters.

We already are the New Rome. And we all remember what happened to them.

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Posted by Matsu on 6 August 2005 - 10:43am
My thoughts...

After reading over 100 comments and seeing the " Lessons" diary rack up over 165 recommends, I am very heartened by the response from the "ordinary folks" at dK. It validates what I've suspected; that it is often the very loud and conrolling voices there that inhibit a lot of posters who have plenty to say. No one wants to screw up and become a public target for big voice people. Personally, I regard this as an even exchange: they got the traffic from my work, and I got to use their "rooftop", in addition to OurWord and Booman, to get it out there. Besides, I have no need for validation or approval from any elites anyway, so I didn't even miss those voices.

:) scribe

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Posted by scribe on 6 August 2005 - 8:30pm
The question

...as I see it is whether the alpha boys are paying attention. Reproductive rights are totally missing from Markos' NDN efforts -- apparently not part of the important shit. All the people you interacted with seemed to definitely "get it," but the impression from the mainstream media, which tells America what to think (not always convincingly), is that this big huge site is all his doing. And when the microphone is shoved in his face, what will he say?

Somehow I don't think we've seen all of this leopard's spots.

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Posted by media girl on 6 August 2005 - 10:29pm
The 'elites'

aren't my 'base' either, scribe.

That's why it's so important for us to keep planting our signs right in the middle of the green, green grass of their well-tended front lawns.

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Posted by moiv on 7 August 2005 - 9:12pm
We need to be accutely aware...

of whom we can count as our friends and whom we cannot. There are fewer on the Left side of politics than most of us dream. Very few men are really committed to anything that has to do with reproduction or sexual abuse - they consider these issues to be distractions from "men's work" and to them, it's the men that count.

If you support these Alpha's who don't give a shit about us, you are only working against yourself, imo. MediaGirl is a much friendlier forum to post your work - no one here is working against your interests.

Morgaine-ism© #8

"A Woman's Sexual and Reproductive Autonomy is Sacred and Absolute."

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Posted by Morgaine Swann on 6 August 2005 - 10:36pm
I do hear what you're saying..

..and yes, this is a friendly and safe place to post my work, as is OurWord and many other women run sites. I have and will continue to post at these sites. I do not however, regard posting diaries like "Lessons" on Kos, as supporting the Alpha's who are working against us. I see it as exploiting them, for good purpose, such as reaching the largest possible audience with the messages we need to get out there, not in place of, but in addition to posting at women friendly forums. Personally, given whats going on now, espcially with the rabid religious right going great guns, I don't feel I can afford to only post at safe places anymore, (and still feel like I'm doing all I can.) I roam about posting wherever I feel I can reach an audience, friendly or not, up to and including some of the (REALLY scary!) anti-choice religious womens sites, on days I feel particularly brave. :) I think we each seek and find the venues that fit our own styles of activism, which is great because we reach a wider variety of voters. I DO depend on OurWord, which has somehow become a "home" to me, and others womens sites, for the support and encouragement to keep on blogging.

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Posted by scribe on 7 August 2005 - 6:43am
I've seen all the spots I need to...

see to know that he's not on our side. I was done with him the minute I read the "important shit" line. My uterus is "important shit" and no man is going to tell me otherwise.

Morgaine-ism© #8

"A Woman's Sexual and Reproductive Autonomy is Sacred and Absolute."

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Posted by Morgaine Swann on 6 August 2005 - 10:43pm
I agree

No, Kos isn't going to stand with us. Like so many 30 something men, he can only see things from his own rather narrow life perspective. But one heck of a lot of people who read that blog certainly are, whether they dare say so there or not. And we can't know how far the ripple effects can spread either, in terms of how our messages have the potential to influence the thinking of those silent readers, and their votes.

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Posted by scribe on 7 August 2005 - 6:51am