Cylons are "pro-life"


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You should put a warning on this post ...

because I just ate, and I'm having serious difficulty not losing my dinner after reading this - ugh! What a freaking nightmare!

Support the Women's Autonomy and Sexual Sovereignty Movements

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Posted by Morgaine Swann on 14 August 2005 - 12:39am
My apologies

There's a reason why Battlestar Galactica is the best show on television. The show doesn't blink.

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Posted by media girl on 14 August 2005 - 1:18am
I haven't seen it yet...

but from the way everyone talks about it, I'm going to have to start watching it.

By the way, I was kidding - I hope you didn't take that seriously. I forgot to put in the "ha ha"!

I don't know about "Starbuck" being a female, though. He was the original Han Solo - I still have my Starbuck necklace from back when Dirk Benedict was the hottest thing alive. (yes, I'm THAT old.) And the name is so masculine - but then, maybe they're gender bending? Like I said, I haven't seen it yet.

The one failing of Sci-Fi is that they always make the future look so Grey, that I wouldn't want to live there. Color affects us psychologically -I hope we learn that lesson before everything gets to that point.

Support the Women's Autonomy and Sexual Sovereignty Movements

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Posted by Morgaine Swann on 14 August 2005 - 1:51am
The future is bleak?

Recall the premise - this is the past. Adama = Adam? Searching for Earth. This is not a "submarine in space" film.

There is no gender bending. It's equality - that a woman can be a fighter pilot. In the 1960's, Star Trek's women were support: Communications Officer - switchboard operator - or yeoman - secretaries - or nurses. The original Star Trek was going to have Number One played my Majel Barrett, a female Vulcan, but the studios decided the public would not go for a FEMALE second in command who operated on a premise of rigorous logic.

Today's Iraq War generation see women in positions where there are token females - so now we have Starbuck, who can fly fighters and take positions of authority. "Boomer" is another such female who is a gutsy officer.

But, like today, the tip-top brass are men and only by circumstances is the President a woman. We do know Condi is fourth in line to succeed the President, don't we? Yes? President, Vice President, President Pro tem of the Senate, Speaker of the House (that was Gerald Ford under different circumstances), and then the cabinet officers in order of the cabinet posts were established. Condi, then Rumsfeld - that is Secretary of State and then Secretary of War.

But back to the point. There is no gender bending. Far, far, from it. It is the 2005 attempt to make women equal and although I LOVE IT, it also is easy to see how far there is to go.

For example, like the film "Courage Under Fire," a work of fiction, it still gets to the truth that men are difficult enough to control in combat and if they'll frag a man, fragging a pesky woman, when the men feel otherwise threatened, is not beyond thinking.

In Galactica, if the President were a man - even with the exact same credentials - would the coup have been such a slam dunk? Would the President have to have a covert operation, or would it been two men butting heads and bellowing - even if they sat quietly and used conversational voices?

The reason I cut President Roslin some slack is that she is largely isolated. She is President, and largely they humor her.

So the ERA has not exactly happened in the Galactica world, either

Adama's second in command is not a female who operates from total logic; it is a man who hits the bottle on duty.

I had such high hopes for Star Trek Voyager, but over time Janeway wore thin. I truly wonder if Starbuck would make a fascinating neo-Janeway in a similar series? Command might season her like all us renegades when we suddenly understand our impetuous action now might hurt others instead of just ourselves.

As for the ship interiors, they are inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright - an interesting retro-touch, how in the past they thought the future would look...and after all, these episodes are the days of future, past - a mask behind which the present hides.


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Posted by Matsu on 14 August 2005 - 6:53am
The women of Battlestar

They are all strong, and it's not gender bending. And it doesn't gloss over diversity of character. Col. Tigh's wife (whose name I forget) is very strong, stronger than Tigh. But they're both alcoholics and she's got a mean, selfish streak a mile wide. It's never cut and dried.

I feel that Roslin is one of the most interesting characters. She asserted herself when she realized that, as education secretary, she was the highest ranking government official to survive. Yet the way she became president was done in a very non-male way. A man would have said, "Well, I'm president, so get the frack in line!" She didn't, and that was wonderful to see.

And her fight with breast cancer added a depth to her character that might not have been there otherwise.

So now that she's gotten all religious zealot on us, I see that as a new thing, not derived from her being female, but from how her particular circumstance played into the context of their story, and their legends.

Battlestar is certainly the most feminist sci-fi show I've seen. Voyager was good, with Torres and Janeway and Seven of Nine -- a far cry from Yeoman Rand and Lt. Uhura, who were strong in their own way, but filling very traditional roles as assistants to the men.

But I've never seen a show where a woman punches a man, and he punches back -- and it's not abuse, it's two warriors having a rather visceral confrontation. That speaks volumes for how gender "equality" has been handled in this show.

I'm not saying I want all of us women to be warriors, or that I yearn to live in such a context. But I think there's something there that does not treat women as prizes to be coddled but as people with strength and as much right to stand their ground as anyone.

Frack yeah!

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Posted by media girl on 14 August 2005 - 10:26am