The mistake the murderers make (as always)


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"Boys" is right

though "monotheist thugs" is probably more accurate. It doesn't matter which side of the fight you want to look at - they are both symptoms of a festering patriarchy that is, I hope, in its death throes. I hope that the improved communications we have in our culture effectively shows that fundamentalism is a mental disease. I'm not knocking religion in general - I am clergy in my own religion and I believe humans need some form of organizing, inspirational belief system. Fundamentalism, though, is dangerous. It's the idea that your idea is the ONLY idea and that because your idea is "divinely inspired" you have the right, or even obligation, to impose your idea on others through legislation or violence. Being incapable of admitting that you might be mistaken is pathology, plain and simple.

One who claims to know that which cannot be proven, may or may not be correct. As Michel de Montaigne once said "It is rating our conjectures too highly to roast people alive for them." Our history is rife with examples of pious Christians willing to bake, boil or fry anyone it decided was deviating from their concept of proper behavior, and we are now seeing a group that will plant bombs to object to non-conforming behavior taunt a group who will use torture, tanks and napalm to oppose them right back (more or less...). Both reactions are sick. Both are doomed to fail. Both are being led by entitled rich boys who think they have a direct line to the Almighty. The irony is that their own doctrines share a common origin and both state implicitly that killing is forbidden. Do they believe their own scripture or not? They can violate the word of "God/Allah" when it serves their purpose, so why can't the rest of us make our own decisions as well?

I don't believe any divine force is speaking to George Bush or Osama Bin Laden, but I could be wrong. It's not my place to deal with their connection to a spiritual force that may or may not exist in whatever form it has or has not. I have my own Goddess to deal with and She and I don't need anyone else to tell us what to believe. See how arrogant that sounds, guys?

The difference is, while I believe I am right, I will acknowledge that I could be wrong. I'm not going to kill anyone who disagrees with me. I don't believe I have a divine right to discriminate against an Atheist, or a Buddhist or even a monotheist like Bush. I don't feel the need to have Her name on my money, or display the Wiccan Rede in public buildings; I can get along quite nicely without praying to Her before public meetings and sporting events. She's not jealous, so you can call Her by any name you want - She'll still listen and get back to you.

Now I know that your scripture says that your "God" is a "jealous god", but you aren't supposed to be making graven images, so why do you keep tying up our courts trying to force them on the rest of us? Why can't you take Jesus' advice and "go into your closet and pray"? You worship your way and I'll worship mine. Hey, that's a great idea - somebody write that down! Maybe it should be in the Constitution... oh, wait...

Are we safer than we were before we attacked Iraq - hell, no. Is bombing the tube going to make Western women adopt the burka? Hell, no. Is either Bush or Bin Laden going to accomplish his goals? I'm not sure we know what those are, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the way to go about anything.

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Posted by Morgaine Swann on 8 July 2005 - 4:41pm
Shock and awe

It always works that way.

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Posted by Matsu on 8 July 2005 - 10:57pm