Celebrating Independence Day


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Read your Darwin

Many of us have seen the play "Inherit the Wind." It is dramatization of the famous "Monkey Trial" that took place almost eighty years ago to the day. A high school biology teacher is tried for breaking the law by teaching Darwin to his high school students.

In the courtroom of the play, there is an inscription saying "read your Bible." The defense attorney wants a banner put up as well - in fairness - that goes "read your Darwin."

That most venerable of documents - The Declaration of Independence - goes largely unread on July the Fourth. The fireworks are too pretty and who can get a good bead on that loft language of Jefferson, Franklin and Madison once we get a good beer buzz going with a case of Sam Adams?

Yet, for me, rereading the document is my way of observing this day. It is powerful and poetic.

There are those who want us to "read our Bibles."

I say, let's do that after we "read our Constitution."

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Posted by Matsu on 4 July 2005 - 9:23am
"Equal" is hard to find in this country

Women are not equal in America.

Gays are not equal in America.

People of color are not equal in America.

Non-Christians are not equal in America.

Disabled persons are not equal in America.

The poor are not equal in America.

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Posted by Diane (not verified) on 4 July 2005 - 9:55am