On reading DailyKos, but not for Kos


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I'm having a similar conflict...

It's hard when you find out a favorite blogger is a sexist ass. I'm having the same problem with a different blogger, who I won't name because he hasn't been public with his misogyny. I really love his blog, but it's a crushing disappointment to find out that he looks down on me and mine.

In Kos's specific case, he gets a lot of attention because of his connection to the Dean campaign, so everyone wants to be there. The real quality has been provided by other participants there for some time, and if you think about it, the best known posters a generally women. I'd like to see those women bring their talent over to MediaGirl, rather than cast pearls before the swine that rule dKos.

They'll keep making us last priority as long as we let them. We have the numbers to create significant change, if we will only work together.

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Posted by Morgaine Swann on 22 June 2005 - 7:57pm
And here I thought you liked me

I know many women who look to men as mentors and friends. Each of us has a painful story where we find out it isn't so - that someone we looked to as a mentor, a colleague and peer, or even mentee, suddenly shows a vicious side. Sure, all people have times when they lash out at friends in a moment of pique, but when the language turns misogynist, it wounds deeper than it ought.

It is always such a disappointment - sort of what Pennywit might have felt when he hears how because he's a man, maybe he's not worthy to support women's rights.

It is a shame that people disappoint. Cal says to Conrad in the film "Ordinary People, "Well, don't admire people too much, they disappoint you sometimes."

And maybe it is like Conrad's conflict with his mother Beth, it may well be the question "Who it is who can't forgive who?"

I often ponder that in these sorts of scraps.

Great post, Morgaine!

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Posted by Matsu on 22 June 2005 - 9:21pm