DailyKos exodus


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oh my gosh

I'm flattered by the praise. Humbled.

Still pissed at Kos, of course, and wondering where this mass exodus/revolution is headed to. I'm SO GLAD you're bringing this to greater attention. Thank you, Media Girl!

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Posted by lorraine (not verified) on 7 June 2005 - 11:50am
Like Norma Rae

There comes a point where you have to just turn off your sewing machine.

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Posted by media girl on 7 June 2005 - 12:17pm
Query ...

I'm on the cusp of writing about this issue (and from a POV that supports Kos), but I could use a little guidance. I have a tough time believing that stalwart members of the Kos Kommunity are leaving because of a single post about a commercial. Is there more to this issue? Can you guys point me to something else that he's written or done to merit such a reaction?


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Posted by pennywit (not verified) on 7 June 2005 - 5:23pm
You're right, it's not about the commercial

It's about the wholesale dismissal of women's equality as a serious issue. It's about how revealing his post and his comments in that thread were as to his attitudes in this area. It's about the many posts in agreement. It's about the cold shoulder or outright hostility towards women's issues on that site over the past several months.

Lorraine says it better.

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Posted by media girl on 7 June 2005 - 5:50pm
It builds up

When one constantly has to argue for the "don't go down the slippery slope of abortion" it gets tiring. The "pie" ad was inconsequential but it really brought out all the oppositional opinions and confirmed that women's rights are subserviant to "the great liberal blogger's agenda."

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Posted by MyPOV (not verified) on 8 June 2005 - 10:30pm