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Good afternoon, Media Girl.

The frequency and severity of attacks has increased dramatically over the past several weeks. Whereas the garden variety port scans are forever vexing us, the new breeds are of the denial of service and DCE bind attempt sorts, and these are potentially destructive.

The DCE binds to vulnerable ports are often times associated with variants on the Blaster virus. The denial of service attacks are from several breeds of malcontents.

You must beware: although your firewall software might appear to be successful in stopping the attacks, it is possible that damage is still being done cumulatively.

Be sure to maintain logs of attack details so that you can trace back along the "hops" the attacker made to get to your site. You'll find all sorts of interesting information once you've worked your way back to the point of origination. Using a WHOIS service to get the owner of the IP address, you'll get some names; and with names in hand, you'll have options for recourse and response.

One way or the other, it would appear that enemies of free speech would like to go to war, now. My response to such attacks on my blog and computer is quite simple:

Leave it to a Freeper to wave a whittling knife at a blogger with nukes.

The Dark Wraith wishes you well, Media Girl.

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Posted by Dark Wraith (not verified) on 15 April 2005 - 12:44pm