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Even extraordinary blogging machines must be fed

Dear Media Girl,

(I often wonder about correct blogetiquette when I write my salutation. Is "Media Girl" too formal? Perhaps the more causal "mediagirl" might be the way to go. What about using first names only, how would "Dear Media," sound? My friends just call me Ms.Manners.)

Your blog is a fine blog, indeed. It is loaded with options and, of course, the content is always entertaining as well as enlightening. I'd like to chip a little bit into the kitty. Unfortunately, my credit cards are maxed right now so I would have to send a check. Is there a mailing address somewhere on the site?

Are you operating at a deficit? If so, then maybe those that are willing could do a monthly donation?

Again, my tribute would be small but very sincere. I'm undergoing some pretty harsh medical treatments at the present so my ability to generate income (other than my "phone actressing" gig)is limited.

Thanks for creating and maintaining your blog. It makes a real difference! I'll navigate around the site to see if I can find a mailing address. Otherwise, if you could post it here then I'll do what I can.



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Posted by laurentayloris on 30 April 2005 - 8:13pm
Thank you!!

I appreciate the sentiment, but I prefer to keep my address to myself. Alas this approach of separation between blogging and personal life has cost me the benefits of the generosity of others.

You do me better by continuing your own incredible posting here. Get better and take care of yourself. Thanks again but health trumps blogability any day of the week!


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Posted by media girl on 30 April 2005 - 10:19pm