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Agree and Disagree

Let me be clear--I don't support anything which Bradley Smith says is going to happen with regulation. But Smith hasn't made these rulings yet and he must get four commissioners to go along with him--the same commissioners who didn't go along on the appeal.

And why did the Democratic commissioners decide not to go along? I can readily speculate--I suspect the grounds they wanted to appeal on were designed to gut the entire McCain-Feingold bill. Reason enough. Remember that the Commission voted 4-2 to exempt the Internet in the first place. So the question is why did at least one commissioner change his or her vote? I'm going to research this question more this evening.

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Posted by Rob W (not verified) on 3 March 2005 - 5:33pm
This certainly is something

This certainly is something that needs much attention. I'm glad you're looking into it. Keep digging! (I hope you'll share or trackback your findings here.)

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Posted by media girl on 3 March 2005 - 5:41pm
More Regulation? Does Michael Powell Know?

Just because something is unconstitutional doesn't mean that the government won't try doing it. Consider the things the government is doing right now. I don't know about Iron Mouth, but I would rather not have to leave my First Amendment rights up to the current Supreme Court, nor would I want to have to keep a ledger of all the links and clicks and quotes in my blog relating to politics while the inevitable court challenge makes its way ever so slowly through the federal court system.

Pretty much the whole story. Nothing to add. Will let you fight this noble fight all by yourself. I don't think so, Bitch um Czarina. The Heretik, Menister of Proper Gander, will be in the fight with you. But only if you think you need help in The Fight That Must Be Won.

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Posted by The Heretik on 3 March 2005 - 10:21pm

I like your approach here.

I have posted "Death of the Blogosphere" and am about to post a sequel to it.

I have been proclaiming for months now that there is all out war declared against blogs and bloggers. There are many avenues of attack, and the enemy will win and destroy the blogosphere if we don't get up and do something.

Personal Democracy Forum and others have ways you can tell the FEC what you think.

This is War Against Blogosphere.

The Powers That Pretend To Be are shaking in fear of what we did to Dan Rather, Trent Lott, what Howard Dean did with Move On, and what bloggers did in relation to the French and Dutch rejection of EU constitution.

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Posted by steven streight aka vaspers the grate (not verified) on 11 June 2005 - 12:04am
I think it goes deeper

The internet is a disruptive technology that goes against the Establishment in every area by enabling us -- "We the People" -- to talk to each other. Politics is just one area.

Short of tearing down the 'net, though, I'm not sure how much they can do in the short run. They'd need a billion dollars to fund a beaurocracy just to supervise blogs during campaigns.

It's a lot of cat blogging to wade through.

Still, no need to be placid about this. Things are going to get worse before they get better. After all, no matter which party is in office, it seems they just love to increase power of government over the private lives of individuals.

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Posted by media girl on 11 June 2005 - 12:18am