If only birth control caused erections


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""and they would put on their

""and they would put on their thinking caps and understand that to do this we should use and support realistic and effective policies and programs.""

You see the problem is that conservatives do not think, they believe that a book with stories thousands of years old, told and written by superstitious old men, is a guide to life, therefore must not be able to think rationaly.

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Posted by Blue (not verified) on 18 March 2005 - 1:53pm
Going Back to Gloria Steinem's old quote...

...If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament. And all contraceptives would be over-the-counter and free (paid for by the government), comprehensive sex-education programs would start in kindergarten, abortion clinics would be built next to churches, cathedrals, synogagues, mosques, shrines, etc, and they would be drive-thru. Oh, and during communion, priests would hand out birth control pills for men.

But since it's women who get pregnant, according to the Republicans...FUCK their civil rights and right to control their reproduction and bodies! I believe if women must endure restrictions of our reproductive rights because of these assholes, then anti-choice men should be forced to have vasectomies. Hey, if they force their ideological beliefs on our bodies, we should be allowed to do the same to them.

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Posted by Pseudo-Adrienne on 18 March 2005 - 2:22pm
I see a distinction, though

It seems to me that, of the people who express opposition or skepticism about feminism and equal rights, there are the men (and some women) who refuse to think rationally, and then there are those who just have not really stopped to consider what we're talking about when we talk about these moral values. The culture we live in encourages blindness to male privilege, and rationalizes and apologizes for lapses in gender equality. So when someone expresses views that are totally ignorant of, or diametrically opposed to, feminist thought, that could be coming out of a determined belligerence or even malice, or simply out of not having thought things through.

I see the radical policies and attitudes encouraged and propogated by conservatives as more of the brand of refusing to think rationally. Otherwise we'd have found common ground long ago and false dichotomies like "abstinence or birth control" (choose one) would not even be in the public dialogue.

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Posted by media girl on 18 March 2005 - 3:47pm