Friday feminist blogging


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Ain't nothin' wrong with a little Drums and Tuba.

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Posted by Lauren (not verified) on 25 March 2005 - 8:09am

wrong with a little Zep....

Hey, somebody's missing from that list... hint hint

Morgaine-ism© #8

"A Woman's Sexual and Reproductive Autonomy is Sacred and Absolute."

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Posted by Morgaine Swann on 26 March 2005 - 10:20pm
Oh dear!

I keep discovering people I've been reading who are not on my blogroll! I'm not sure. Maybe it's premature senility.

I see you've found Mark's column, too. I've had it open for a day now, waiting for a pithy Easter posting to come to me.

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Posted by media girl on 26 March 2005 - 11:06pm