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Not as we do

It's clear that the Bush administration has retireed the trophy in the World Class Hypocrite competition. Has it really taken this to see that

the U S is not uniquely free of cruelty, corruption, and lying?

Torture by our government is nothing new--I've seen a few examples myself and know of a great many examples as an American historian. Neither is cronyism, clueless policy, or arrogant waste unknown in our public or private life. What is new is the single-minded devotion this administration brings to its efforts to lie, to punish anyone who is not "on message", to ignore all who are not part of their demented schemes, to ignore the costs, both immediate and long-term, of their folly, and to be utterly callous as to the suffering and damage they cause.

At one time I regarded this as a clear case of demonic possession, but I'm re-assessing that; Satan is, in some ways, an attractive figure with a quasi-creative energy. The Fushies (Buck 'em!) simply make one heave.

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Posted by blue rebel (not verified) on 1 March 2005 - 4:55pm