Big Brother for bloggers, cont'd


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No Need to Freak. . . . .Yet

There is no need to freak about the freaking freedom of the internet, no reason to fear blogs being shut down, no reason to worry that some cop plain clothed, undercover, out of the closet, in your face or otherwise is going to break down your door, arrest you, and haul off your hard drive for writing nasty thoughts about some dork you tangled with while you were hanging with your homies on the intenet. Or is there? When the yelling dies down, the story is more limited for now.

New York Times:"People should not be alarmed," said Ellen L. From the Weintraub, a Democratic commissioner. "Given the impact of the Internet," Ms. Weintraub said, "I think we have to take a look at whether there are aspects of that that ought to be subject to the regulations. But again, I don't want this issue to get overblown. Because I really don't think, at the end of the day, this commission is going to do anything that affects what somebody sitting at home, on their home computer, does."

Nobody really cares about a bunch of maladapted male bloggers making merry mayhem with witty, stark, stiletto, dark snark yet. Or do they? You don't care? I'll make you care.

Ms. Weintraub cautioned against jumping to conclusions, saying the goal was simply to address the Internet in some way. "We are looking at whether there is something short of a complete exemption for Internet activity," she said."One really good question that needs to be asked is, 'How do you value this stuff?' " she said.

In the Age of Rather, Eason, and Gannon, always smooth sailing official Washington and the flotsam floating on the mainstream have only lately come to terms with the pea shooting pesty bloggers picking them all off from the shore. The time for righteous peashooters to worry about what the effect all their peashooting, no, make that peeing on the legs of the powerful has had is several more gazes in the navel away.

Because we only track money, campaign money that people spend on campaigns, not their thoughts or their beliefs or their statements. Just when they spend money. So if something is done really cheaply, it's not going to rise to the level where it will meet our regulations anyway."

In the Age of Michael Powell and Janet Jackson's boob gone ballistic, everyone freaks when they hear the word regulation. While the Bush Boyz claim freedom, freedom everywhere and yet always suppress liberty somewhere closer to home, all this talk about regulation and blogs relates in a limited sense to blogs either openly or not so openly in service to a political campaign

This is not yet regulation upon the free citizens of Blogostan. Or is it?

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Posted by The Heretik on 6 March 2005 - 1:38pm