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For us older women, I suggest that maybe we are just a might too outspoken. OH, NO, NOT THAT!?! Or, some such thing. Anyway, I am new to this and I am really trying to find my way around the blogosphere. But, being dismissed is something that many of us in my age group are used to. When PowerPoint is considered "Blog of the Year" by the "Liberal" media, who can take any of this seriously?

Maybe we just need to include more SEX in our posting? It has certainly worked for some female bloggers.

Just Keep Trucking!

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Posted by Tuli (not verified) on 22 February 2005 - 8:27pm
Hot young babes in action

How's that for headline grabbing? I don't know who PowerPoint is, or who said they're the liberal blog of the year. To me that still belongs to the DailyKos, with some other luminaries (who are listed in the blogroll down in the right column on the front page). The wonderful thing about the "blogosphere" is that we don't need to turn to others for validation. Comments

As for sex, well, I don't need hits, and I seem to get enough hits from people searching for things like "hairy+armpit+Julia+Roberts+pictures" (lord knows why) to know that at least a modest portion of my traffic comes from guys looking for ... inspiration.

But please, don't be shy, and don't think age diminishes the value of your insights here on the internets. I like your blog. Added it to the blogroll.

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Posted by media girl on 22 February 2005 - 8:58pm

I think that's the blog Tuli means.

good list o links. You can probably find more at Blog Sisters.

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Posted by Roxanne (not verified) on 22 February 2005 - 11:11pm
Thanks from Mad Kane

Thanks so much for linking to my Ode to a Dull Drum Beat and to President Boxer, for that matter. I enjoy your blog!

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Posted by Mad Kane (not verified) on 23 February 2005 - 11:11pm