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just a whiney liberal!

I am going to only comment on one of your 36 points to make my point

""tax relief to everyone" -- really? That's nice. I'm still waiting for my check.""

tax-relief is not about getting a check... liberals always wanting something from uncle sam... Its about OWING LESS.... see those of us that own a business(s) only ever OWE money, we never get a REFUND....

however I do like your drupal site very much!

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Posted by anonymous lurker (not verified) on 4 February 2005 - 11:29am

Of course it's about getting a check! Bush was so emphatic about "it's your money"! Well, where's my money, then? Nearly all the refund went to the rich. At that's an obscenity when so many Americans are struggling, including 40+million unable to afford health insurance. The middle class is getting squeezed. Bush supposedly is president of all of the people. So why does he keep favoring just the wealthiest? I'm a goddam taxpayer, too. Why do I get no respect?

It's one thing to back up a policy that makes sense, and as a business owner for [deleted] years, I am definitely not pro-tax. But Bush's tax cuts for the rich did not make sense to me, not when our national debt is flying way out of control. You want to cut taxes? Raise the no-tax floor to 30k. Nobody pays taxes on their first 30k of income. That lets everyone keep more of their money, and puts an immediate infusion into the economy.

Oh, and to respond to your victim cry of being a business owner ... my businesses all have paid less tax on income than I ever have personally on the same amount. That's one reason why I am a business owner. If Bush really wants to help small business, he would get all of the Federal government (and both parties are equally guilty of this) to stop giving political favoritism, sweetheart contracts and anti-competitive legislation to the big conglomerates. You see, I do believe in free markets. We just don't have much of one here.

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Posted by media girl on 4 February 2005 - 11:58am
do you support a flat tax?

I am no "bushie" either however....

why should you expect a check? the money.. is still in your bank... and of course as a business owner we pay less taxes... that is why you incorporate, to help not pay as much tax and the rest of the people... I know under bush i pay less in tax then I have in the past....

I do agree with the borrow and spend of bush...

one of my biggest gripes about bush is that he is a phone conservative. He is just as bad as the guys on the left....

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Posted by 808blogger (not verified) on 4 February 2005 - 7:34pm
A radical idea

I think we should have what was once called a negative income tax system. Scrap welfare and establish one system. If you earn within a certain range, you pay no tax. If you make more, you pay tax. If you make less, you get a tax supplement. Nobody lives below subsistence. Yet everyone takes more money home if they make more money. (Right now, if you go off of welfare, you lose your housing and healthcare and end up leaving your kids in daycare you cannot afford.)

I do think a simplified tax system could work, but only if corporate welfare is eradicated. Yet I don't see that as very likely. The corporations keep the politicans well funded for re-election, and the politicians pave the way for corporations to make easy money. It's a sweetheart deal that leaves the rest of us out.

Do I pay less tax under Bush? Well, I consider more than just taxes when I look at a government policy. Cost of healthcare is higher, and Bush has done everything he can to avoid that problem. So have most of the other politicians. The cost of gutting environmental laws I think is vastly underappreciated, too. The fact is that people are getting sicker with preventable illnesses because of pollution and food that is total crap and unhealthy. Do I want to be insuring people in this climate?

Bush blames the lawyers. But I see HMOs and insurance companies making huge profits and growing by leaps and bounds -- profits off of denying healthcare to their clients. The only companies making more are the pharmaceutical companies, whose profits are many times bigger than any other Fortune500 industry. And people die so they can make money.

Those are huge costs on our entire society. Add in the runaway debt -- which is in total Bush character, what with all the businesses he ran into the ground -- and you have an overal negative view of prospects for the future. And that hurts business. It hurts commerce. It damn sure hurts investments.

Our economy needs people to take risks. But they are unwilling to do so when the social safety net is being gutted, when bankruptcy "reform" means banks can claim your first-born child and a pound of flesh, and when invementment and V.C. is virtually impossible to obtain, unless you don't need it.

So to me it's more than just taxes. I'd pay twice as much tax if it meant I had a marketplace of healthy, secure individuals who were willing and eager to take on life. But right now it's a limping economy built on eggshells, if we're to believe The Economist magazine, with people who are dispirited, unhealthy, pessimistic about the future and fearful of the Islamic boogie men.

Bush is bad for business.

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Posted by media girl on 4 February 2005 - 8:25pm