Who's smarter now?


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Girls with Umbrellers Will Always Get Their Fellers

What if a woman has brains AND physical attractiveness - as in the case of "Geena" that I cited below in[url=http://www.mediagirl.org/node/103#comment-283] Knee Jerk Feminism & Biology.[/url]

Physical beauty can be used to make up for lack of mental swiftness, yes. But why are women sometimes taught that since physical beauty is ultimately not as valuable as mental acuity, or so goes the party line, (by implication) physical beauty is worthless or even immoral and moreover takes time away from developing mental capacity.

In more than a few cases, this has been an underlying message in feminist tomes.

It implies to the "I'm not a feminist" that she must give up this aspect of herself to be a feminist and this might be an unusual price to pay for so-called equality. If equality means give up that aspect of self-expression, they may not find is a pleasant trade-off. Is that something we should be preaching and to what end?

Is that true? Does woman live by IQ alone? Can a woman be a feminist AND attractive and have a great romance, too?

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Posted by Matsu on 10 January 2005 - 4:12pm
Women are smarter...

A few studies have shown that women are smarter, or at least SHOULD be... It has been found that women's brains pack their neurons far closer together; with less fatty deposits surrounding them, and that they are more highly interconnected. On the other hand, men have bigger brains and brain capacity and more testosterone than women. Men are much stronger then women and better at many things, they have better agility, they are better at math, and better at driving. Women do slightly better than men on simple arithmetic. It is nonetheless interesting to note that while women seem little better than men at verbal reasoning, functional MRI has shown that most females process language using both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, unlike most men who use only the left to process language. This suggests that women might be more attuned to the emotional content of speech, since emotion is processed in the right hemisphere. It seems likely that the naturally more talkative and sociable nature of females makes them seem more verbally accomplished when in actuality their verbal superiority is small compared to their clerical accuracy.

To conclude, I believe that its not that men are smarter, Women probably are, its the fact that Women are smart in things that are useless and things that make them weak, like being more vulnerable to words. There might be other things that women may be smart for (other than being graceful, and a little better at arithmetic) but for now, we do not know anymore. This is what I will believe until a woman gives something to humanity as useful as what Albert Einstein (Theory of relativity), Isaac Newton (gravity), Charles Darwin (evolution), Louis Pasteur (biggest medical discovery, vaccines) Galileo Galilei (the world turns around the sun), Thomas A. Edison (domestic applications to electricity), Mikhail Gorbachev (ended the cold war and opened paths of liberty for western Europe), and many more gave to the world. And no Operah and Mother Theresa do not count...



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Posted by Julian (not verified) on 13 September 2005 - 6:13pm
And no room for culture

Never mind that women are constantly told to shut the fuck up, even today. Never mind that women historically have never had the right or political power to stake their claim in society.

But here's something that can replace your ass for a hat: women gave birth and raised each of those notable men you mention. And other women, despite not having the right to vote, and rarely the right, let alone ability, to attend university, contributed in very profound terms, such as Marie Curie and Florence Nightengale.

And here's something other than your foot to chew on: when men are doing the measuring, is there any question why men keep coming out on top?

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Posted by media girl on 13 September 2005 - 7:30pm