New year, new beginnings


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New Year's Bash...

There's something to be said for those who strive for peace and the silence of nature.

Let others jump and shout and cavort about with empty wine bottles swirling around their feet. Let the Repubs dance and prance around their new heroes, sipping $1000 bottles of bubbly while millions look for shelter in Asia.

What is important about this New Year is the possibility of hope, the promise of justice and the time to accomplish it all. Why do we need drunken debauchery to ring this in?

I agree with you. What better way to welcome another trip around the Sun, than a moment with loved ones, time to reflect and a chance to touch a small piece of serenity.

For this old forest gnome, it would be a brisk walk through the fresh snow, bundled for warmth but happy for the chill. The scent of the pine and fir heavy on the soft winter breeze, the air crisp with icy purity.

On the wind, the sounds of winter darkness. Birds calling out to huddle together for warmth. The gentle whistling of the breeze sings to the snow as the newest flakes dance about in the dim evening glow.

What does Times Square have on that?

Happy New Year from the Forest of Solitude.

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Posted by David Aquarius (not verified) on 1 January 2005 - 4:41pm