It's the expediency, stupid


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Sting like a bee

Ok, we'll lose several battles, but the fight should go on. At the very least, we should sting like a bee. And take names of all those spineless Dems who won't stand with us.

By the way, I'd add: 6. The Rapture right says so. Obey or burn in hell!

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Posted by Andros (not verified) on 1 February 2005 - 12:09am
Holy wholly holey holy rollers, Batman!

They claim to have the whole truth, when really I see a lot of holes in their holiness and a lot of sh*t coming out of their highnesses. I guess that's part of the "New Bible." Forget those moldy old Ten Commandments. Now that the Supreme Court has endorsed them, they're passe. Now the holy number is seven. The deadly sins are now virtues.

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Posted by media girl on 1 February 2005 - 4:03am