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And we used to decry such tactics in the Soviet Union. As Forrester Church once said to Bill Moyer, when Church published his book, "The Seven Deadly Virtues," we must pick out opponents carefully, for in the end, we shall become like them.

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Posted by Matsu on 9 December 2004 - 12:24pm
Just wait and see

The sad thing about the coverup article is that the person in question is in fact crazy and delussional.

For example: if you look closely at the photograph of Mr. Ford, you will see that there is an insignia on top of his left breast pocket. It is the insignia of the Navy Seals, or the budweiser badge as it is commonly refered to.

It might not be important to everybody, but wearing insignias and badges you have not earned is a crime. Pretending to be a person you are not shows inmaturity and shame on who you are.

Mr. Ford is wearing the uniform while on active duty displaying a badge he did not earn, insulting the men who have rightfully earned and died while serving their country in some of the most daring and dangerous missions anybody could ask for. It degrades the lost lives and the sacrifice made by every single Seal in the community.

Also, Mr. Ford was known as Doctor Ford. He even used to sign with the M.D. Suffix on his name. Never mind that Mr. Ford is not a doctor.

So, taking into consideration that this person makes allegations of torture, while pretending to be a Navy Seal and a Doctor, makes you kind of wonder the veracity of his statements.

Also, it is nice to note that Mr. DeBatto, describes events in his article that never actually happened.

For example. In trying to show what a poor leader Col. Pappas is, he mentions the fact that 3 soldiers died while in transit to his Change Of Command Ceremony. That never took place.

In reality, the soldiers died while travelling to LTC Griffin's Change Of Command Ceremony, one of COL. Pappas' subordinate commanders.

Mr. DeBatto mentioned the fact that the 223rd was one of the first divisions to enter Iraq after the "Shock and Awe" aerial bombardment.

Well. The fact that the 223rd was one of the first "UNITS" to enter the war is almost true. Elements of the 223rd MI Bn entered Iraq early in the war. But those elements were attached and/or assigned to the 519th MI Bn (ABN TE). The HQ Section was safely in Kuwait awaiting movement orders (including DeBatto and Ford).

DeBatto calls the 223rd a "division". Anybody who knows military doctrine can tell you that a Division is a military unit composed of many brigades and battalions. For an "intelligence expert" to call a battalion "a division" makes you kind of wonder if he is truly that familiar with simple military structure. Is the trying to make it sound like the 223rd is a huge unit? Or is he just showing his ignorance in simple military doctrine and terminology.

Ford mentions the fact that "no medevac order" was written. That is not cover up material. That is just a sign of the fact that the headquarters section of the 223rd did not know how to operate in that environment. The 223rd MI Bn (L) (prior to the OIF I deployment) had never been to war. Many rules and regulations were broken or omitted not due to "conspiracy", but just plain ignorance and lack of knowledge. No person be it civilian or military is authorized into a military aircraft without being entered into the aircraft' Manifest. That is a matter of procedure. Mr. Ford's departure from the theater is a known fact. Everybody in the unit knew about it, and most were glad about it.

To finish this of, I would like to say that I personally know two of the soldiers Mr. Ford is accusing of "torture". He could have not picked two nicer people to make wild accusations against. These two are professionals, who have ethics and respect for human life and dignity. It pains me to hear that Mr. Ford is tarnishing their names and their military careers. To accuse somebody of war crimes is a tall order and it must be done with a clear head and appropiate evidence.

And even though a lot of people did not enjoy working for LTC Ryan or CPT Artiga, these two officers are hardly the types to try to cover up anything of this magnitude. LTC Ryan was media-savy and would have jumped at the chance to get his name in the news.

Mr. Ford might be trying to clear his name, but we in the 223rd know him for who he is: a wannabe navy seal who falsely claimed to be a doctor, and is now claiming that his team-mates are torturers. He shames the military intelligence community, he shames his THT team who did outstanding work in the field, but worse of all, he shames himself.


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Posted by John (not verified) on 17 December 2004 - 8:17pm
and here is more

By the way,

if you go to, a group dedicated to exposing phonies (in the special warfare

community), you may see:

By the way, that is in fact the photopraph supplied by

Maybe a person who has no regard for the UCMJ and Federal Law, might not have a problem making

up stories about abuse. Maybe in fact, he is delusional and/or suffering from PTSD.

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Posted by John (not verified) on 17 December 2004 - 8:18pm
Two Different Sets of Facts

What I really love about blogs is that we do get so much information and views and that's how we learn - by talking and exchanging information.

It is not an insane man's theory that American soldiers tortured and humiliated Iraqi prisoners or that the government is holding people at Guantanamo Bay in violation of the United States constitution that the government leaders and soliders swear to unphold above all else.

"No regard to Federal Law" is an intesting observation. By focusing on the possiblity that some man was wearing the wrong boy scout badge, we lose sight of the fact that there are laws being broken by people who no one dares call crazy.

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Posted by Matsu on 18 December 2004 - 8:35am
re: Ford and his illusions


With my post I, in no way was trying to diminish the other events that took place and are proven by evidence and good investigative procedures.

The events at Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan, Gitmo and other places in the world are real, effectively proben and the perpetrators in most cases are paying the price for their stupidity/lack of humaness. I say in most cases, because the officers, who are ultimately responsible are getting away with a slap on the wrist (for example: what happened to COL Pappas, commander of the 205th MI BDE. Did he loose his commision? Did he go to Fort Leavenworth? Did he get a bad conduct discharge? No. None of the above. But the enlisted sure got Dishonorables, which can effectively make you unemployable, but I digress).

What I am trying to do with the posting of this other pieces of information, is clarify that some other people's lives are being ruined by the diatribes of a crazy person.

For example. Even though there is a CID investigation, the author (Mr. DeBatto) and the victim (Mr. Ford) are saying that nothing is being done about it.

One of my subordinates is one of the accused "torturers" by Mr. Ford. I cannot begin to describe how this is affecting my soldier. Stress, depression, undue financial stress.

And the worst thing is that all these allegations were started after the "torturers" put Mr. Ford on the spot about lying to get a medal.

We do not loose sight by focusing on somebody who is wearing the wrong badge. It is not an accident that he wears it. It is by design. When he sewed that badge in his uniform, he made a consicious decision to lie about who he is and what he stood for. He is wearing a badge that represents hard work, extreme sacrifice, commitment to duty and the chance that you will be killed faster and more often than a regular trooper (nowadays at least). By wearing that "boy scout badge" he is disrespecting everybody who was killed doing their duties, he is thumbing his nose at better men who gave their all for a cause they believed in, good or bad.

By lying about who he is (Navy Seal, Doctor, Life Saver), Mr. Ford shows you he has no regard for the truth. His rantings and the reporting being done by DeBatto are irresponsible acts done by men who hold grudges with men that were trying their best to lead their troops in a dangerous situation. I do not particularly care about the leaders he is accusing of covering up this act. But I do not think that holding a grudge is sufficient to destroy the reputation of regular men and women.

So maybe Matsu Sama, you thought that I am trying to whitewash the truth about torture. But no. I am only trying to clear up one story, in which the story teller, is good at spinning and knitting a good tale.

Kyotsukette kudasai,

John Kun

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Posted by John (not verified) on 18 December 2004 - 9:40am
Good information

I appreciate the additional insights you brought to this discussion. Your original facts seem to be coming from nowhere while your second set come from the heart and are important to hear.

Ok, I admit I rose to the bait on the issue of badges. My point is that this is not about badges or flags and your information about the human cost to people you know resonates more with me. Appealing to badges and flags is always the last resort in an argument. The human toll, the accused subordinate, is one that cuts to the quick. Perhaps the fact the alleged crazy man wore the wrong insignia resonates more in a military environment, but too often I have seen the use of a straw man - perhaps in fact someone is indeed "crazy" - used to discredit the loyal opposition.

We were led into a war against Iraq in the heat of passion after 911, though it appears Iraq was not involved, to stop a crazy man from completing the finishing touches of weapons of mass destruction that were about to be unleashed on the free world. We openly said we were ready to kill Sadam if we found where he was with bunker busters - in effect assassination is a matter of state policy, something, at least on paper, the United States renounced after the murder of John. F. Kennedy.

Craziness is used as a catch-all, these days. To my mind someone who believes the earth was created 4004 B. C. E., in October, no less, and there were six days of creation, if a bit daffy, especially when leading a nation with more nuclear weapons that I care to think. Being crazy is not the issue as much as whether the person saw something or they did not.

Did Ford see acts of torture. Did Bush see weapons of mass destruction.

That's my point, but I do see yours and am swayed and would like to hear more, insofar as you can repeat anything without betraying any confidences.

Also, either we're BOTH sama, or we're both kun - maybe san is best - or just "John" and "Matsu." Anyway, gomen nasai.



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Posted by Matsu on 18 December 2004 - 11:46am
Mr. Ford

Thank you for your reply Mr. Matsu.

I guess in this instance, I am the Kun, because you replied beautifully. You showed me a good one.

Thank you for being fair. It is true. What you say about badges and flags. For example, I don't know how old you are, but the Bush Sr. administration was trying to pass a constitutional ammendment against flag burning. That made me so mad. I mean, to modify the 1st ammendment with something so... I don't like to use the word trivial, but when there is a movement like that, while there are worst things to be worrying about. Well... maybe not trivial. Pathetic is a better word.

Once again, thank you for your fairness and, thank you for the chance to post my rambling.



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Posted by John (not verified) on 20 December 2004 - 11:44am