Rehnquist Death Reported - two nominations


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I was a Liberal until Howard Dean became chairman of the DNC

President Bush was given the opportunity appoint a new Chief Justice to the Supreme Court. At the same time he has been given the opportunity to appoint 2 Supreme Court Justices. He will have the ability to completely change the charactor of the court. This will complete the domination the conservatives began in 1994 when they won a majority of the House and Senate. This will allow the conservatives to initiate repair to the fabric of our society that the Liberal socialists have destroyed. The litany of failures started with "The Great Society", which actually became the great welfare failure, resulting in trillions of dollars being spent to buy the votes of the minority. During this great failure they continually impoverished millions of people in the inner city, rural areas. Their inept policies destroyed familie's making it more profitable to disengage the father from the family dynamic to obtain more welfare benefits.

Since then, crime has climbed. For what reason..TO BUY VOTES...Unfortunatly for the Liberals, the rise of the minority family to middle class status and beyond has seen a steady addition to conservative values and many more votes. The addition of a true conservative to the Supreme Court bench in replacing O'Connor will transform the charactor of the court and the rebirth of conservative values to strenghten our society. May peace be with all and may all of us be grateful that we live in the greatest, freedom loving country in the world..Where everyone may express their opinion...

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Posted by Monica (not verified) on 4 September 2005 - 10:00pm
Great Society

The Great Society failed because American tried to have guns AND butter. Vietnam was largely responsible for that failure. Then came the assassination of Robert Kennedy who may well have ended the war. There are those who believe that had Kennedy lived, the war would have ended sooner and the country would be much better off today than it is - but we'll never know.

Instead we got Nixon and Watergate, a defeat in Vietnam, and an oil embargo. The oil embargo worsened and briefly Carter got a term, but from 1968 until 1992, apart from 4 years of Carter, the Republicans were in power.

There is too much welfare, I agree - welfare for large corporations and tax breaks for the super wealthy as the middle class slowly disappears.

I used to be a conservative and was active in the Republican Party but left when then the religious right tried to Christianize it - this was in 1966, almost 40 years ago. I am well aware of "conservative values" and you can have them. And as far as balancing the budget, Clinton did a good job while Reagan ran up the debt like there was no tomorrow - but tomorrow has come. Most of that debt was not used to help people living below the poverty line.

I think it's hard to play pin the blame on the donkey when the Republicans have been in power for so long.

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Posted by Matsu on 4 September 2005 - 11:06pm
there's a myth about conservatism

people think conservatives are about saving money. but when reagan quadrupled the national debt, i quit the gop. they don't want to cut spending. they spend more than anybody. now look at bush jr. he is like a little boy with the credit card. we have to pay those bills. conservatism was supposed to be about fiscal prudence but clinton is the only one to do it.

your mistake is thinking conservatism seeks to "repair the fabric of society". that is not conservatism. that is not democratic party. that is definitely not gop.

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Posted by no longer a conservative (not verified) on 4 September 2005 - 11:09pm

I find it amusing, these attempts to pin all the problems of the world on welfare. In case you didn't notice, you were watching the faces of welfare all this week on tv. You were seeing the bodies of welfare floating in the river, dead on the pavement.

Welfare is alive and well, but it's in the form of giveaways to corporations. Why, in a year where they were making record profits, did we give billions of dollars to oil companies this year? Why did we pass a bankruptcy bill that prevents people from bankrupting out of horrid medical bills? Why do we continue to try to blame all the world's ills on poor black women?

So much for personal responsibility. Between Reagan and the two Bushes, we have something like 90% of our national debt.

And now, in this day and age of Karl Rove, conservatism means pitting Americans against Americans, and you say this is repairing the fabric of society?

Actually, when I read your talking points again, I see a strong resemblance to men's rights activists who think feminism is a multi-billion-dollar financial empire.

How do conservative values strengthen society? We saw conservative values in spades for the past week. This is supposed to be a good thing?


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Posted by media girl on 4 September 2005 - 11:19pm