The womb and being a woman (womb-man)


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I know this is irrelevant, but ...

The origin of the word "woman" is not a concatenation of the words "womb" and "man", but, rather, "woman" is simply the evolution of the anglo-saxon word "wifman", meaning "person who weaves". The corresponding term for what we now simply call "men" was "werman", meaning "person who fights".

As in most primitive societies, anglo-saxon society was divided pretty strictly by gender & function. Women made the clothing, nurtured the young, and prepared the food. Men fought to protect the community ... or to stroke their egos (probably both). As Old English became Middle English, and then Modern English, the term wifman changed, or splintered, to become the words "wife" and "woman". "Werman" was simplified to "man", which is interesting because "man" was simply the generic anglo-saxon term for "human being", having no inherent gender designation whatsoever.

In any case, I know it's irrelevant, but... :)


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Posted by Catherine (not verified) on 15 June 2005 - 12:14pm
Not irrelevant at all

Another point of interest: "girl" used to have no gender indication at all, but rather indicated youth, inexperience and weakness. Only more recently has society placed that weakness squarely upon female youth.

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Posted by media girl on 15 June 2005 - 12:36pm
Second Wave Feminist "joke"

In the 1970's when women were inventing new forms of address, womb-man was one of them. Another was herstory instead of history.

You are, of course, right. I was just having some fun with the topic - suggesting that if we say all the laws should be gender-free, then the ones that apply would be for "men" with wombs.

Dumb joke.

Sorry. :/

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Posted by Matsu on 15 June 2005 - 12:37pm
Womb humor

In his song "I Think I'm a Clone Now," Weird Al Yankovic sang about having a "womb with a view."

If we're going to continue the humor, I'll need womb to maneuver.

I'm here all night ...


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Posted by pennywit on 15 June 2005 - 5:57pm