"Enemies" and festering anger and the Empire Strikes Back


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"Christian Communism"

"Would it have been nearly so horrible had it been *Christian Communism?*"

Interesting question...makes me think about poor Nicaragua, characterized in something I read recently by a lefty (don't remember what, unfortunately) as "Christian socialist" under the Sandanistas. Father Miguel D'Escoto was foreign minister for part of that period and much of the grassroots church was part of the movement that created the revolution; and it was socialist but not Communist. Yet to see it in the mainstream media in North America at the time, and especially in the words of the Reagan administration, Nicaragua after the Sandanista revolution was as godless and Communist as Lenin's cold, embalmed heart.

Lesson for elites: If something you oppose isn't what folks already hate, then just lie and soon enough they'll hate it anyway.


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Posted by Scott Neigh (not verified) on 26 February 2005 - 12:58am