Neo-Cols = Neo Colonialists


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Actually, the United States has long been a nation forging an empire. Puppet governments were all the rage during the long, long Cold War for both the USSR and US, and many are still in place. Overthrowing elected governments one disagrees with, covert shennanigans (sp), etc. Manifest Destiny is merely a codeword for empire-building.

i must say that Bush, et al, are seemingly bolder than any of our governments have openly been. Very Nazi-like in the way it finds reasons to invade other countries, and the use of Big Lies to justify the invasion with the folks back home.

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Posted by Denise Thomas aka Vireo Nefer (not verified) on 23 January 2005 - 11:42am
Good point

What nation is the new #1 threat, apparently? Iran, which is ruled by a militant gang of mullas who rose to power in a popular revolution against the Shah, who was put into power via CIA-backed coup d'etat.

In grad school, I knew an Iranian woman whose family fled that revolution. She had as much reason to hate the new regime as anyone. But she told me that the biggest mistake the USA could make would be to try to topple the regime or assassinate the Ayatolla. Through her eyes, I saw an Iran that basically was middle class, generally mistrustful of the Arab world (which seemed to arise as much out of racism as nationalism), well educated and valuing quality education, and not into any sort of populist religious fundamentalist movement at all. She said the best thing would be to just leave Iran alone, and the people will deal with it.

And that's what we were seeing -- not on a rapid scale, but certainly it was happening, and the people were chafing at their government's authoritarian rule. Of course, now they're rallying to the cry of nationalism against a potential foreign invader -- the same invader that installed their previous authoritarian government.

In 2004, we saw two countries undergo "democratization." In the Ukraine, it was led by the people (with covert, non-violent help from US intelligence operatives). It was one of the most wonderful and hopeful stories of the year. In Iraq, we see our own nation trying to impose "democratization" at gunpoint, with the help of bombs, mortars and cruise missiles. Unlike the second election in Ukraine, in Iraq nobody expects the elections to be a success. Iraq is a total broken mess of anarchy now, and through actions and inaction both, it's our doing.

Now we look to changing the rest of the world, and judging by the Rumsfeld-led Pentagon's hold on foreign policy, with death squads that can operate anywhere in the world (including the USA), it looks like we still look to Iraq as the model.

Bush makes big talk about how we need to believe in our own values. But he doesn't seem to believe in them himself. If he did, we would be leading by example, instead of a militant policy of "Do as I say, not as I do."

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Posted by media girl on 23 January 2005 - 12:23pm