Losing a Library


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As someone whose house overfloweth, i well know the silly comments on "too many" books, "why do you have so many" books, "have you read all these" books, and worse. What else is wall space for? And tables? And the space in front of the toilet, and . . .

the idea of losing my library terrifies me. _i_ can sort and weed and purge, but the wholesale destruction of things i'll never find again . . . no!

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Posted by Denise (not verified) on 5 January 2005 - 11:19am
Losing your soul

At least that's how it would seem to me. As it is, my soul is scattered, with books in not one but two different storage units, my mother's cellar and some musty corner of my father's house, with a few lost in a split, the true accounting of which I've not yet had a chance to accomplish. My books are my soul, and my soul is scattered right now. The books meme was a memory task because right now I don't really have shelves -- what books I have now are tucked in boxes right in my bedroom, or out where I can find them quickly for reference (programming refs and mans, mostly).

The net has become my favorite book, not least because I can talk back to it. Still, I miss those dry, yellowing pages of even my cheapie paperbacks. I find pieces of myself in them.

-media girl

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Posted by media girl on 5 January 2005 - 11:38am