Harvard Offers Home Economics for its Women!


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On second thought

I'm not surprised at all at the attitudes entrenched in the Harvard culture. I remember running into a high school classmate who went to Harvard ... and how he talked about the "Cliffies" (as in the women from Radcliffe). And he was such a nice boy in high school, too.

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Posted by media girl on 9 February 2005 - 2:16am
Summer's Support Erodes in My View

My tendency is to try and not rush to judgment. Were his remarks taken out of context? I've seen that happen to people.

However, the Summers stonewall has eroded my support for him because a transcript has not been released, coupled with the apologies that acknowledge insensitivity. That's the smoking gun in this case.

I am not close enough to the situation to know if Summers should go or not, but the fact a transcript (which there are strong indications does exist, even though he spoke off note cards) has not been released suggests it was as bad as his critics say. Perhaps he should resign as President.

The role of gadfly is a tough one and one can easily be misunderstood. I appreciate that, but that is not the role of the President of arguably one of the leading educational institution in United States, if not the world.

Maybe it's time for a woman to take the helm.

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Posted by Matsu on 9 February 2005 - 4:52am