Glittering Eye and Tsunami


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It's interesting to note that, until this quake, the 4 strongest quakes since 1900 happened during a 12-year span, including twice in Alaska. This quake ties for #4. (CNN)

Should we expect a sort of "sunspot season" of seismic activity over the coming dozen years or so?

The Indian Ocean quake was all the more destructive for occurring off shore 100 miles, making a rift (I forget) hundreds (or thousands?) of miles long. In the US Pacific Northwest, there is a rich history of tsunami, including some truly great devastations of the Seattle area.

In the face of all of our arrogance, mother nature humbles us all.

-media girl

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Posted by media girl on 27 December 2004 - 10:37am

Well, actually the Richter is logarithmic as explained by the Canadians here.

The energy released by a 9-point is about equal to all the energy used on the earth by humans for one year according to one source.

There has been a cluster of quakes in the Indian Ocean since the one that set off the tsunami. The USGS has a list here. In some ways it's like Mother Nature adjusting her back: the tension and the pressure move along a fault to the next place where they get stuck until there's a quake.

A friend of mine was killed when the Cypress structure in Oakland "pancaked."

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Posted by the_steelmare (not verified) on 28 December 2004 - 6:56pm