Warm Up the Crisco for the Annointing


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Baptism of bullshit

If it was not clear with Roberts it is pretty clear now that Harry Reid and his posse never intended to fight Roberts much less Alito.

Going thru the motions...

The real show stopper ... will be the choreographed girations of our illustrious Democratic politicians explaining ... that they really aren't incompetent creeps, while asking for more money to elect more incompetent anti-choice Frightening dEM-wits.

How much you wanna bet that they have put more thought and energy into how they are going to "throw" this match than a strategy on how to fight and win. I thought their Roberts capitulation deserved an Oscar. It was brillant... I called it "Trading Votes"... conservative Dems traded their "pro" vote with so called liberals like Feingold and Leahy's "against" vote. THat would have worked, but once again, the Dem leadership misread the base... and didn't calculate that the base would have rather had Roberts NOT confirmed than watch the Dems switcheroo. It got pathetic dragging out Obama to rub some of his (rapidly diminishing) grassroots cred... on Feingold.... just embarrassing.

So the Act of Capitulation for Alito has a high barrier to pass.

Yunno, it is already bad when the GOP has to step in and help out the Dem's pantomime... Alito's wife "crying"... give me a freaking break. But is makes for good "news".... those ole mean Dems.

I am waiting to hear the choir. How many mea culpas are we going to get. Are they going to strike up the band and pummel people into submission to support Casey and the gazillion anti choice Frightening dEMs...or what... GOP may take over every branch of gov't and confirm an anti-choice bench... "Been there...done that"

If you read what the "New" think tanks are "thinking up"... da base don't want no stinkin ideology... we just want Rat-A-Tat-Tat issue-less, meaningless noise. I am expecting a Quentin Tarantino ending... everyone coming out with bullshit ablazing, rockets a-bursting absolute mayhem.... blinding us to the fact that they haven't done... jack.

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Posted by Parker (not verified) on 11 January 2006 - 7:31pm
LOL Dems are just not up

to it, nor do they want to be, more importantly...

Reid was fine with Roberts and positively delightted over harriet... Myself I thought Reid and Harriet were quite similar, hacks.

The Dems chose a pro life Leader... that said it all.. downhill ever since. Most of the "leadership" Schumer Rahm and whoever else running down hill as fast as they can.

Very much over.

And yes I agree with MG, the hearings for Thomas were a joke, a big messy joke. Dems sank to their knees... and facilitated...

... and I suspect that at least Coburn will weep soon that the killings will soon end...

I did like Kohl and Durbin...I even thought Feinstein subtly got a point or two over the hill...but all too little and it seemed disjointed, more than anything else. I struggled to listen to Feingold and my mind just wandered.

Appalling, overall....

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Posted by Marisacat on 11 January 2006 - 9:21pm
I got sick listening to the Republicans

...wringing their hands over abortion with all sorts of twisted facts and skewed perspectives. It's really something, seeing a bunch of very powerful men debating the fine points of taking possession of women's wombs.

Meanwhile the Dems pose, but end up fumbling their questioning and missing the point. --As they did with Clarence Thomas, which was a joke of a confirmation.

I predict Alito passes with as many votes as Roberts got. Dems will "keep their powder dry," forget all their posturing about reproductive rights and continue to push rightward in their electoral effort to be new and improved Republicans.

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Posted by media girl on 11 January 2006 - 8:49pm
Marriage Protection Amendment to Pennsylvania -- Jan 26th!

I hate to comment off topic like this, but I am frantic to get the word out.

They are bringing the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment crap to Pennsylvania!


Please help get the word out.

They are not going to win this one!

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Posted by Gary (not verified) on 12 January 2006 - 1:12am
Nothing has changed

Digging thru some of my old posts from old sites.

I came across this old gem on the Roberts confirmation in which Diane Feinstein happily had posted pics of her and Roberts before the hearing had even taken place:

Thu Jul 21st, 2005 at 06:22:34 AM EST

* This administration is in the deep throes of a scandal the size not seen since Nixon, in regards to Rove/Plame

* Bush is at his lowest ebb in trustworthy polls since taking office

* 75% of Americans don't believe that the President and his admistratrion is cooperation with the Plame investigation of the 50% of Republicans don't believe him

* Not only is the Rove affair bringing to light that Rove leaked the name of a CIA agent, it is also bring to light unsavory facts about the run up to war and the internal disputes of its legitimacy.

* The war that was suppose to be fought over there just hopped on the underground in London...

And with all of this going on the Democrats have decided that it would be more opportune to not throw Bush an anvil on his nominee for SCOTUS... (btw, I have this great piece of land I'd like to sell and some newly minted wooden nickles.)

Let me repeat this...at the lowest point of the entire Bush administration the Democratic leadership is pondering whether or not they should go great guns to protect Roe...

If Democrats can't even decide on whether or not to protect Roe at the weakest moment ever of this administration... then there is no need to go any further... close the doors and turn off the lights.

I hereby announce that the Democratic Party is dead.

I doubt that it can be resusitated after not protecting the rights of over 50% of it's base.

Women are kind of funny like that... what does the bible say... hell hath no fury...






Now, fast forward to today with a candidate that is infinitely worse... yeah didn't know that was possible. Here are some ADD-ONS to the above list.

* GOP in the midst of the Abramoff scandal

* DeLay has been indicted

* The FDA denies the approval of Plan B contraception on the basis of testimony from a rapist and a veternarian.

* It is now known that this administration is wiretapping US citizens

* Iraq is costing over 2 trillion

* over 2000 people are "officially" dead from Katrina and another 6000 are still reported "missing", not counting those who have no one to report them missing.

* China is about to divest from the dollar

...pray tell what more has to happen for Harry Reid to stick his wick in the powder...?

Only difference is DiFi decided to wait and post the pics of her and Alito after the hearing.

If the entire Dem strategerie can be blown apart by a few crocodile tears... what does this say about the Dems.

Why are they refusing to "ASK THE QUESTION"? This link is to a video of an independent documentalist who "Asked the question" to anti-abortion protestors... watch how they all fall apart.

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Posted by Parker (not verified) on 12 January 2006 - 6:47am
oh I forgot

about Libby...

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Posted by Parker (not verified) on 12 January 2006 - 6:33pm