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Fighting Dem

Pretty sure we tried the "fighting dem" angle in 04, and subsequently lost to the worst president in history. And, if anyone wants uninspiring, disinterested rhetoric on any important topic other than war, I recommend the "fighting dem" posterchild Wesley Clark. If this new superficial tactic fails, there is always "born again dem"- now thats a winner!

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Posted by Stevo on 1 January 2006 - 10:31pm
Well I have not made it

thru the 35, or is it 45! "Fighting Dems"... only about 10 by going to their websites and reading local press on them... but so far I only like Patrick Murphy, running in PA. HIs website makes sense and there is an excellent, detailed endorsment letter posted there, from a ret General. Very different kettle of fish, as in: not rotted.

Oh Wesley. Geesh. he is supporting Eric Massa (and whoever else) running in NY-29. Another "former" Republican. LOL Gene Taylor, Mississippi rep in the House is supporting Massa as well. Gene is beloved by the Christian coalition. We are invaded. I feel pretty sure tht Ashe voted for Bush, as did Lieberman, Gene Taylor, Massa too and Wesley, who knows. He probably got to the polling booth 6 months late.


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Posted by Marisacat on 2 January 2006 - 2:23am