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The "underground"

The only "underground" was the blogosphere... not any more.

Why do you think the "gated" blog communities are the only ones shouting about being ANTI anonimity. These are the same people who had hissy fits when someone dared to ask who was giving them money... NO FEC regulations for the boyos.... yet they were completely silent about this new bill.... and since some of them kept bring it up several months ago and are still sprinkling the sites with ANTI anonimity propoganda...I can only surmise that they knew it was coming and probably asked their friends at Redstate to put it on the table for them. So far that is the only legistaltive victory the "not so" progressive bloggos have won.

As for the "gated communities" Chris Bowers makes the point very clear... you make them money.

I do not think you recognize just how much more traffic the larger blogs have over the smaller ones. Dailykos has over 600,000 readers per day. The top ten progressive blogs come in at over 1.5 million. Smaller blogs like you describe usually have around 10 readers per day or less. There just are not hundreds of thousands of regularly updated progressive political blogs with 10 readers filled with audiences that do not visit the major sites. That just isn't the case, and I spend a lot of time analyzing web traffic. Polling the major sites would indeed provide an accurate sample of who readers progresive political blogs.

I guess that is why this week after the Dems have suffered through the most disgusting capitulation of the Democratic leadership and a toned down blogosphere... some blogs have decided to TRIPLE their ad fees to astronomical rates. So the question remains... what do they think they are being paid for ... activism or silence.

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Posted by Parker (not verified) on 14 January 2006 - 10:38am