Women take over among the worker bees


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Bees are a female society

I did not draw the same conclusions from the article.

African Americans experienced discrimination and many excelled in athletics. It was a way to get around discriminatory system. In the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the Aryans found blacks could do better in many evens. Not to worry, "they're animals anyway," was the explanation muttered by the vanquished

Women cannot bulk up and compete physically, so they find the level playing field in academics - even though Summers of Harvard is finding data to fit his model.

As women get better in academics, I am sure there will be some explanation that trivializes their accomplishments and thus I agree on your closing remark - the glass ceiling is still in place.

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Posted by Matsu on 2 June 2005 - 8:31pm
another possibility

The languishing performance of boys might be due to the fact that we're now into the second generation of kids likely to be less successful than their parents - we're still raising boys to (unconsciously) think they'll be handed the keys to success, but they look around and see that no one currently under 40 (top age of Generation X) is having an easy time.

The Baby Boomers had only to go to school, do well, get a good job and be loyal, and they were guaranteed a nice lifestyle. Very few Gen Xers (or younger) who follow that rule will be able to own a house, with the gap between salaries and cost of living.

So girls are finally succeeding at something that mattered 20 years ago. I agree with hrodland - it's too little too late.

However, what's surprising is that a safety net isn't already in place for disenfranchised young men. That's what leads me to think it's a generation issue, too - the old boys' club is closed to new members.

It would really be something if young men and women united against the older generations, instead of fighting amongst themselves for the scraps. Not that I want to see generational conflict anymore than I want to see gender conflict - but it might change a lot of people's perspectives.

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Posted by BetaCandy on 4 June 2005 - 7:54pm
Free trade moves jobs off-shore

Interesting point. Much of the anti-War Movement, Civil Rights, Free Love, Gay Liberation and Female Liberation was directed against the World War Two generation that raised baby boomers.

What they had was the "blue state" mentality.

It is hard to unite with "red state mentality" because that way of think is sort of deny the basic right to a job and a decent life. The conservatives made a case for free-trade and people who voted for it never understood that their jobs were being exported to India and China and the Fortune 500 were going "virtual."

Like in the film "Boiler Room," where when J. T. Marlin felt too much government pressure, they literally went "next door." The virtual corporation can do that and men, like Jeff Immelt, the President of GE, can brag how he is taking steps to make GE a virtually Chinese corporation. He even pledged to go back to school to study all things Chinese after his term at the top guy at GE.

This is not about generations, actually, but as you said it is about a mind-set. The more we push down others, the more we push down ourselves, like a wild mob rushing for a fire exit.

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Posted by Matsu on 6 June 2005 - 2:13am