Demonic Olsen Twins spread hate thru music


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i find it odd that they

i find it odd that they named it prussian blue. i hope they dont think theyll ever see "prussia returned to the prussians" or something. its troubling to see them dressed in the hitler shirts with the smiley faces on them-- truly ignorant. but ill say this much, if they were a black duo of little kids singing about africa and talking about black power and the white race is evil and everything im sure the media would be falling all over them to celebrate diversity or whatever it is youre supposed to say these days. it would be like "african american children celebrate their roots in the motherland and empower themselves through song and community diversity" or something.

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Posted by stan (not verified) on 25 October 2005 - 8:29pm
twins spreading hate

I am not African American, but one thing is certain that when African’s, Hispanic, Native American, Polish what ever! Celebrate there ethnic back round they are not spreading hate! So for you to even bring that up shows how ignorant you are about celebrating you race Issue! If that is the first thing that you though about when writing your comment then you must be a racist also.


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Posted by blanca (not verified) on 28 October 2005 - 2:48pm
interesting that you said

interesting that you said "im not african american." why did you feel you had to say that? if thats the first thing you said, then you must be racist too, in which case, that makes us part of the same subculture, because according to you, i am racist. i mean, i think theres worse things in the world than being accused of being racist; like overcooking the microwave popcorn, like tv, like rain on a sunny day. anyhow, im glad we were able to bond. thank you for unmasking my true identity. being called racist when youre not even racist is no longer difficult for me to handle. i used to let it bother me, but then i realized that no matter what one does, kooks will be kooks.

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Posted by stan (not verified) on 28 October 2005 - 8:50pm
Really don't need this

Then again, what else should I expect when the top Google result today is about such stupidity.

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Posted by media girl on 28 October 2005 - 9:11pm

This site shows you what kind of mom April Gaede is to her kids. The media should focus on this aspect of her life.

This blog shows you the criminals that the Gaede children are exposed to when they are not at skinhead concerts

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Posted by Jason (not verified) on 25 October 2005 - 9:54pm
diversity is celebrated when

overlooked and underrepresented people work hard to get their voices heard. I guess white supremists count, but it's sickening anyway.

They do have the right to free speech, no matter how stupid.

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Posted by gballsout on 26 October 2005 - 12:20am

Even more sickening than the thought of little girls spewing such hate is the avalance of stupid white-power links that posted by anonymous posters.

You 'people' need to get a life.

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Posted by PeggyArcher (not verified) on 26 October 2005 - 10:40pm
Thanks for the note, PeggyArcher

I had not followed the links in those posts. Now they're gone. Don't need that here.

As I write this, I'm ambivalent about Jason's comment. I'm not sure what he's getting at.

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Posted by media girl on 26 October 2005 - 11:28pm
I didn't get it either

I wasn't sure what the links meant. I mean, here we are a bunch of liberal types---just the ones white supremists hate and they have no idea of our backrounds which may be those of the races they despise or race traitors (I date across the lines and have had a pretty good time of it. heh). I did follow the links, but it only furthered my disgust.

Anyway, thanks for removing them.

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Posted by gballsout on 27 October 2005 - 8:13am
Prussian Blue cannot sing or play very good at all

After all the hype, I expected at least some talent. The guitarist is HORRIBLE-the timing is all over the place and she needs to tune her guitar, too. The vocals sound like two young girls singing along to the radio-they don't harmonize and they go off key and lose time-well it is hard to sing to an out-of-tune, out-of-time guitar. The songs I listened to were horrible, and not just the racist message. It's funny, because the songs I listened to are songs that the girls say are the best ones. They say they wish their earlier recordings were that good-so I take it that their early stuff is just ghastly horrible. The recording was done at home, on the cheap, with an off the shelf music program they got at Frys (hey I like home recording, but you need talent and skill for it to work.

They will never get any wide appeal because they suck, as do most racist/nazi musicians. Nothing to fear from these hacks.

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Posted by friendtoall (not verified) on 27 October 2005 - 2:13pm
wait, are we talking about

wait, are we talking about letigre or prussian blue?

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Posted by stan (not verified) on 27 October 2005 - 7:54pm
Disgusting! To be clear,

Disgusting! To be clear, though, these kids have never 'homeschooled'; they were enrolled in a publicly-funded cyber-charter school and are now in a brick and mortar school. Check out this link for an interview with their mom, who refused to use the textbooks provided to them by the school:

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Posted by Toni (not verified) on 1 November 2005 - 7:15am