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Polls and Statistics

Forbes' poll just shows once again that if you word your question right and ask the right demographic, you'll get exactly the answer you want to prove. It has nothing to do with reality except proving those who don't wish to see continue to wear blinkers. PR spinners take advantage of polling questions to sway gullible consumers/constituents. Polls prove nothing. According to my own personal poll, 10 out of 10 swear they didn't vote for Bush in the last election, yet he is President today.

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Posted by Robin Lee on 18 August 2005 - 2:54pm
well, duh!

of course there is no glass ceiling! That's why women make just as much as men and are represented exactly equal to men in every position. ::snort::

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Posted by gballsout on 18 August 2005 - 7:11pm