Judge (Justice?) Roberts


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St-ill stuns me

It still stuns me that there is no woman who was qualified for the appointment. I think if it WERE a woman, he could not rely on the person to overturn Roe.

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Posted by Matsu on 20 July 2005 - 12:10pm
It really isn't that there

It really isn't that there wasn't a woman who was qualified. There were plenty of qualified women.

Bush is just too much of an ass to nominate one. (I really think he's afraid of women. Barbara probably scarred him some when he was a child, I'm sure.)

However, I really don't think that we can assume that a woman Justice would uphold Roe. Roberts' wife, after all, used to be executive v.p. of Feminists For Life. There are plenty of vehemently anti-choice women out there who'd be just as bad as, if not even worse than, Roberts.

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Posted by ferdette on 20 July 2005 - 1:48pm