Reproductive Rights, Week in Review, Feb. 5-11


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A remarkable compendium, as usual

You do great work -- and a great amount of work -- pulling these together. Thank you for sharing them here!

It's all pretty overwhelming when it's strung together like this, all this effort by the right to control breeding.

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Posted by media girl on 13 February 2006 - 8:56am

and so simpleminded. i've completely lost all faith in 75% of state legislators in this country. this shit is outrageous. and each week is the same thing over and over, the same story, fetal pain, informed consent blah blah blah. its the same bill travelling state to state.

and its usually men promoting and pushing them too. ive been doing this now for approx six months. i run across fewer stories where a female legislator is taking the lead on these repressive bills, or has authored the legislation. i'm not saying it doesn't happen because it does. in this week's piece there's a woman in kentucky ramrodding the bill. all the others i am storying this week are pushed by men, i believe. if you cut the men out of the loop the anti-choice legislative assualts would drop 8 fold, im guessing.

and a lot of them are doing it, because its a political card they play. thinking its about life is laughable because so often it's not.

and at the state level, if you really look into the votes, there are also a lot of democrats voting with these fucktards.

which makes them what?

democratic fucktards.

i feel like a witness in a way and when the pendulum swings round once again i hope they pay a price. i want to witness that too. their votes are recorded and there is a record. i believe in my heart that one day there will be serious blowback about all this.

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Posted by bayprairie on 14 February 2006 - 3:17am