Reproductive Rights, Week in Review, Mar. 26-Apl. 1


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I said this at Our Word

and now I'm going to say it again.

You described Will Saletan as a Judas goat, and some providers of women's health care consider him a Trojan horse. I think of him as more of a Trojan Shetland pony, and this week he rides again.

Saletan can't even advocate OTC status for EC without dealing from the bottom of the deck. Who's his cited medical authority? Not the gold standard research published by the Population Council almost a year ago, but the Catholic Health Association.

Then he falsely characterizes even the postulated effect of EC in preventing implantation (an idea now all but completely discredited) not as a process that would produce the same natural outcome as if a particular act of intercourse had occurred at some other time of the month, but as actively killing an embryo -- which sounds very close to Judie Brown's description of EC as a "baby pesticide."

And still he says, "If you don't know much about this murky week in the reproductive process, it's time to learn." "Barnyard Bill" Saletan can call himself pro-choice until the cows come home, but no one who sees EC's mode of action as a "dirty little secret" is on our side. May his chickens come home to roost.

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Posted by moiv on 3 April 2006 - 9:50pm

William Saletan has always driven me crazy. Now he fancies himself as some kind of "expert" on abortion, a subject he knows nothing about. He is of this attitude that there should be some kind of "middle ground" on the issue, especially in light of new technology and such.

It's so false because the debate over abortion has NOTHING whatever to do with the status of the fetus. It is all about the status of women and how society should value them. Are they considered to be worthy participants in society, or are they good for nothing except screwing and having babies?

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Posted by Susan Nunes (not verified) on 3 April 2006 - 10:47pm

i had actually intended to get further into his most recent plan B piece but frankly, after a couple of hours of being around his thoughts, i couldn't stand him anymore and cut the piece short! Moiv really outs him perfectly up-thread with his use of the Catholic Health Assocation as his trusted source. I did some reading on the CHA site last night. When one delves into their position on the reproductive rights of a raped woman who receives care in one of their emergency rooms it's quite eye-opening. It goes without saying that their concerns are not exclusively the well-being and wishes of the patient. They concern themselves also with the "potential innocent life" which "may have been created", which they try to balance artfully on the provervial head of a pin. They even go so far as to give a name to this rapist's spawn, who's possible existence enters into the decisions made regarding the treatment of the patient. They name it the conceptus.

8 Is it morally permissible to refer a woman who has been sexually assaulted to another facility or physician?

Because of the assumptions of the ovulation approach, it would not be morally licit to refer (i.e., to send or direct for treatment) a woman who has been sexually assaulted to another provider for the sole purpose of receiving emergency contraception if she has ovulated recently. This would likely constitute formal cooperation because by referring, one is intending that the woman receive emergency contraception at a point in her cycle when the medication is believed to have an abortifacient effect.

Welcome to Saletan's middle ground.

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Posted by bayprairie on 4 April 2006 - 12:57pm
America hates women. It's

America hates women.

It's really terrifying.

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Posted by Rachel (not verified) on 4 April 2006 - 1:39pm
There Already is "Middle Ground," Bill...

...and it's been bumper sticker fodder for decades now. You know the line: "Against Abortion ? Don't Have One."

I have argued in vain for years with man-on-the-street versions of this clown-- argued that the "middle ground" IS PRO-CHOICE. An extremist distortion of belief in safe, legal abortion as a medical and social necessity would be the demand for COMPULSORY abortion. That generally lands one in the territory inhabited by the likes of Bill Bennett pretty quick, and when was the last time anyone saw ol' Mr. Virtues S&M Gamblin' Fiend putting in time as a clinic shield, anyway ?

The Saletans of the world will simply exhaust you by drawing you into discussions where you never, ever get to stop reinventing the wheel. Fuck 'em.

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Posted by alsis39.75 (not verified) on 5 April 2006 - 2:16pm